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    Happy Birthday to the Coolest Mod ever on Supramania!

    Happy Birthday Ma70.ent where ever you are!
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    Anyone notice this? And I wonder if the owner was a member here.

    Fire destroys garage Neighbors said, "You could hear the bang from down the street," as they watched the fire that destroyed the garage at 204 Spring St. on Monday afternoon. Battalion Chief Mike...
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    Ideal Stock R154 Flywheel "Step" and flywheel/pressure plate prep.

    I'm going tomorrow to have a flywheel turned. What is Ideal Flywheel Step? Does someone have a Virgin 1JZ/7M Flywheel or Fidanza they can measure for me? (take a straight edge or block of wood to the Friction Surface or "middle surface" then using feeler gauges measure the gap between the...
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    Tech Tip! Got Headlamps that won't go down all the way? Car looks sleepy eyed?

    Head lamps looking like this? I HAVE THE SOLUTION! Check out the stopper position.
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    Oil Coolerless with Use of High Grade Synthetic Oil.

    Hey Guys. I recently purchased another Supra, with a knocking motor. I'm in the midst of prepping a motor for it. Today I came up with the idea of losing the crappy stock oil pressure based cooler, and just running the oil filter on the block or with a relocation using the NA Stud, of...
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    Happy Birthday KAI! (Of Course it's NWS)

    Picture of the Birthday Boy. :D
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    AnnoyingRob, Bishop92t, and MA71Supraturbo

    Anyone know what happened to these guys???
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    Hello California

    Hey Guys How's it going? Been a while since i've posted here.
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    Article: Tech Tip: Allen Head Drain/Fill Plug for R154

    You can view the page at
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    Shelby Supra

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    Talk about lucky.

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    Fast Food Joints You Must Try Before You Die

    Lets keep this short, and sweet. List a Joint, where it's located, and what to order. (Pics are nice as well!) In-N-Out Locations: California, Nevada, Utah, and Arizona. What to Get: 3 by 3 with Grilled Onions or Double Double with Grilled Onions, Fries or Animal Style Fries, Neopolitan...
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    What Happened to Moy and Canuckrz

    :dunno: Did Chris (Moy) get deported to Asia? IIRR he was on a Student Visa, and was working illegally in a Pizza Hut. Did Canuckrz freeze to death or get shot by the french? :aigo:
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    Pep Boys 10 Dollar Off any purchase of 50 dollars!
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    You might be N/A owner if....

    you can look at these threads like :dunno:
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    Windows 7.

    Upgraded to Windows 7 a few hours ago. And SupraForums is still as fast as molasses.
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    Steering rack Rebuild.

    Anyone here do it? Anyone got tips? Can it be done with hand tools? Thanks in Advance!
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    Mojave Mile.

    Originally Posted By rjsmd on SupraForums Mark your calendars. The following appears to be a done deal. :rockon: MKM Racing Promotions ( ) is very excited to announce what we hope is a new permanent racing venue in Mojave, CA. We have reached an agreement...
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    *What Did You Learn Today.*

    Lets start a thread with what we learned today. :) Make Sure Your Air Compressor has Fuel, if Gas Powered. Pulling the starter rope 10 Times was a waste. Make Sure The Exhaust is Facing outside or wheel it outside. (Exhaust Fumes it bad.) Find Airhose, and Grinder (Or whatever tool)...