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    7mgte top end rattle?

    Well there is nothing else at that level on the 7m head.the other thing to check is to see if any of the spark plugs are getting grounded via contaminents. For giggle I would take the ignition caps of, take out spark plugs and then inspect them. See if there is any grounding paths especially on...
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    7mgte top end rattle?

    As stupid as this might sound, have you checked the ignition wires to make sure you are not arcing to ground? Easiest way is to turn off all lights and check at night. See if there is any blue. A valve would not be ticking that often. The ignition would as it would tick essentially every...
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    MK3 Engine Fire - How should I rebuild?

    FOr a 2jz swap you will need 2jz ECU with wiring harness, 1jz to R154 bellhousing. 2jz clutch and flywheel, 2jz engine. with that said, why are you going with a 2jz? it wasn't very clear as to the why.
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    7M-GTE Igniter circuitry

    Hi 3p, you mentioned ECU IGt (TCCS). Any circuit for the igniter itself and specifically the output side of things?
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    7M-GTE Igniter circuitry

    Hi all, I scoured these and the other forums and FB to (the quality of tech stuff there is subpar). Long story short, has anyone got any internal measurements from the igniter specifically the signal BEFORE it gets bumped to 12v via the output transistor that feed the coils (Where the IGf is...
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    Air Duster Cans as R-12 Refrigerant Alternative???

    Intresting read Piratetip. Synopsis: HF-r1234yf will not be approved for retrofitting R-134a systems. The service ports are totally different than r-134a (got to get new service port adapters). Any r1234yf that has been contaminated cannot be reused. Needed dedicated recovery equipment that...
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    Air Duster Cans as R-12 Refrigerant Alternative???

    How much is the cost? I am acquiring an 89 MKIII that has a none operational A/C. I can get r-134a in an shop around here. Can't source anything else. Does it require differents superheat and super cool ranges? Is it compatible with R-134a/R-12/R22 gauges? Different oil than the...
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    Air Duster Cans as R-12 Refrigerant Alternative???

    Don't forget the other half! R-152a is very flammable
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    3P's TCCS Disassembly/Analysis

    eah 3p...update? :)
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    Pioneer AVIC 6100NEX Installed

    3p.... nice install on the camera! Very inconspicuous. That bose sub enclosure. Do they still make that? I Wonder how big the actual sub is because not a lot of room in that spare tire area to fit a full on 10" or 12" witout having to make the sub removable for access to the nut to remove...
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    BorHor's Return!

    Mr Fountain of knowledge of wheels is back! Might have to pick your brain here on some wheel info :)
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    Cool/Rare parts thread?

    PirateTip, join the fun. lol. you can leverage FB to sell your products :)
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    Air Duster Cans as R-12 Refrigerant Alternative???

    Not sure where you got your information. Toyota own TSP (Technical service bulletin) has the information needed for r-12 to r-134a conversion. The numerous times that I did r-12 to r-134a. I was able to match or exceed the 40 degree F at the center vents (best was 36 degrees, 4 degree but it...
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    Air Duster Cans as R-12 Refrigerant Alternative???

    Why? 40 degree out of the vent is 40 degree whether it is R134a, r12, Ammonia etc. There is a Toyota Service bulletin (and it happens to be sticked up on this forum) with how much r-134a to add and oil. This is DIRECTLY from Toyota since it still is a mandate to switch over to r-134a on cars...
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    weather protection between the door and interior panel

    Most are nice to your face but we have a saying here. MN Passive aggressive.. It is real! lol
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    weather protection between the door and interior panel

    IF you have an builder outlet type store where you are at, you can get the vapor barrier to do 100 doors for 30-40 dollars. I usually see 10 and 12 mil thickness.
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    Oil squirters... Keep or Delete???

    If a person goes to a full flow oil system, that address majority of the short comings of the OEM oil system. The oil squirters, I always leave them. They help in cooling and as they say, cooler running parts will ALWAS last longer than parts that run hot. Of course, either clean them out to...
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    New Heater Valve Replacement Options???

    Magic number is 40F at the middle vents.
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    Looking for LIPP Turbo Elbow Specifications

    Dan, That was 3 years ago... lol
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    For those interested in a full dashboard rebuilding service...

    THe door panels can be redone in leather without issues since it is a wood backing. the dash item, that is really not a horrible price. Try to price an OEM dash... 4month lead time though... that is a heck of a long time. They must be really busy which is a good thing!