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  1. Old Radar

    LED Headlamp Install

    This thread immediately reminded me of this: I wanted to insert the clip from Star Trek: The Motion Picture, but didn't have the tools to edit it down to just this blip. Ouch! Kind of the story of my Supra modding efforts...
  2. Old Radar

    Too good to be true?

    From what you can see, they both look sweet, but from the pictures you can tell the red '92 driver's door isn't caved in or had squirrels living in the engine bay--unlike the blue '87. A picture is worth a thousand words--why not tell the whole story?
  3. Old Radar

    What Years Have the Hatch Release Cable Block Coupler?

    For the crowd-- I contacted Andy a few weeks back seeking his solution to my stretched cable. After exchanging several PMs and pictures, we realized that my Supra, manufactured in January '89, doesn't have a cable connector box like his. Mine has two separate cables--one from the lever under...
  4. Old Radar

    Going back with sawblades

    Updated Original Sawblades. Powder coated black, machined the surface, powder coated clear. The classic look--now ready for the next 30 years.
  5. Old Radar

    Cam position sensor

    You may just need to ensure they are properly seated and secured. Push down firmly on the top of each pickup to see if there is any play.
  6. Old Radar

    What did you do to your supra today? Pics

    No, I didn't take a pic. It was dull black and looked like it had sat in a field for a couple of weeks.
  7. Old Radar

    What did you do to your supra today? Pics

    Washed it up and drove to Austin for the Cars and Coffee monthly meet. Good showing as I estimate 500 to 600 cars were there. Only saw two MkIVs and one other MkIII, so that was disappointing. The MkIII was a black JDM 2.5TT but I never saw the owner.
  8. Old Radar

    A little help here...

    You might consider replacing a few friends while you're at it. Good Luck!
  9. Old Radar

    NOTICE : Stolen Supra

    Makes sense. Right hand drive and visibly non-US plates on both cars.
  10. Old Radar

    Head rest facing the wrong side.

    Just to be sure we understand one another, you should be yanking on the headrest--not the toggle. Normally the post/pole on the headrest that has the cut-outs would fit down the hole with the toggle. If the headrest is on backward, the post/pole that is smooth should be stuck down the hole...
  11. Old Radar

    Head rest facing the wrong side.

    You should be able to pull the headrest straight up and off. There's a little toggle on one side of the seat where the headrest poles go in. Normally you would push that to enable headrest height adjustment. With the rest on backwards, you shouldn't need to worry about it. Just yank straight up.
  12. Old Radar

    Wire Snapped Inside Radiator Water Outlet

    Woohoo! plaaya69 FTW! Thanks for the vector! I just ordered it and added the white 1 pin sensor connector right above it since it is showing real signs of wear. Yota Connectors says "Special tooling (crimper) is needed..." but luckily I bought Weatherpack's crimping tool for the CPS rebuild...
  13. Old Radar

    Wire Snapped Inside Radiator Water Outlet

    Using the classic shadetree mechanic process, just as I was completing one repair, I broke something else. Damn it. After refurbishing and reinstalling my CPS, I was reinstalling the power steering reservoir and its wide-ass brackets. I was trying to jockey the left side bracket into the...
  14. Old Radar

    Front License Plate

    Looks like one of those has already been over-tightened and pulled through the bumper vinyl. You may have to fabricate a bit of sheet metal to act as a washer to go behind the vinyl.
  15. Old Radar

    Bring the sexy back.

    Here's a couple from last year. This one is after I installed my Tanabe Medallion Catback. And finally, today. Up on jacks where I can hopefully finish my oil filter relocation, Apexi air intake mod and CPS rebuild this weekend.o_O
  16. Old Radar


    Welcome to Supramania, Tony! It's great that you bought a Supra and joined the forum--but since this is your introduction thread, how about introducing yourself? Where's home? What made you buy a Supra? What condition is it in? What are your plans for it? How did you hear about Supramania...
  17. Old Radar

    What other Cars do you own thread

    2011 Jaguar XK. Bought in late '16 to replace my wife's 2015 VW Jetta turbo diesel after the "clean" diesel scandal came to light.
  18. Old Radar

    Is anyone else being requested to login to access the online tsrm???

    Must have been just a temporary glitch or an update on their server. I'm back in with no problem.
  19. Old Radar

    Is anyone else being requested to login to access the online tsrm???

    I tried both and Supramania with "guest" but didn't get in. I guess they're a little more secure than the secret databases on "Archer."
  20. Old Radar

    Is anyone else being requested to login to access the online tsrm???

    Me too. I'm using Firefox. The site doesn't give an option to establish a username and password--it just requires that you provide them.