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  1. jdmfreak

    Centralia 2016

    Hey has anyone started planning the Centralia meet this year? I haven't heard anything
  2. jdmfreak

    2j high rpm breakup

    Hey guys, I've been fighting a under load high rpm breakup in my vvti 2jzgte ever since I dropped in the engine happens about 5k rpm and whatever boost that happens to be, I am running megasquirt, ls2 coils cop with ngk bkr7 plugs, I've also got a walbro 400lph fuel pump, - 8 fuel line to the...
  3. jdmfreak

    coilover question

    I dont mean to beat a dead horse but every thread ive looked at seems to turn into a argument about whether Megan's are good coilovers or not so just to keep this simple I want great quality,I dont care about a million settings as long as I can dial it in for my car, stiff suspension doesn't...
  4. jdmfreak

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  5. jdmfreak

    ms3x how to guide for 7mgte

    This writeup is how I built and installed ms3x in my 90 supra with full sequential ,launch control , boost control , using stock cps if you choose to follow this writeup you do so at your own risk:) i wish you the best of luck first I would like to send special thanks to pyro15d, Nathaninwa...
  6. jdmfreak

    Bird's Story time

    here are birds short stories from the tavern compiled into one thread bird, from now em here "LOL My drunk text to faye: "Du king Shawn got my drunk lol good thing auto correct is active ot I won't nkbt sense lol. Damb it s been a while sense i drank anything lol. Sorry if i'm...
  7. jdmfreak

    Guy got hurculiner on his "hootus" Explorer forum

    Got a good laugh out of this thread!!
  8. jdmfreak

    Rear abs speed sensor wiring

    Quick question I'm wiring my rear abs vss the pigtail has 3 wires one black, one red/black, and one yellow On my harness there are the same color wires In the plug that connects the pigtail to the harness The yellow and black wires are swapped (so when it's plugged in the yellow is...
  9. jdmfreak

    Centrailia 2014

    Saturday May 10 2014 Annual Centralia meet Usual place I'm remaking this thread because my other one disappeared If someone could post location info I'll add it here Who is all planning on going?
  10. jdmfreak

    Sat Mar 22nd 2014 TSNW 4th annual bridge of the gods cruise;t=1666&amp;sid=cc6141d8fd4273d6e3cde6ec73484edb<br /> <br /> sat the 22nd toyota syndicate nw bridge of the gods cruise<br/>
  11. jdmfreak

    Maybe repost but too funny not to share I laughed soo freaking hard!!
  12. jdmfreak

    inaccurate craigslist supra add

    made me laugh "4cyl turbo trim" (7m n/a)
  13. jdmfreak

    Centrailia 2014 (may 10th)

    I would like to start this meet thread early this year as it never seems to be set in stone till about the week of lol I hope to have my build done by this meet that's my goal This meet will occur on may 10th from 11am till 3pm
  14. jdmfreak

    Supra shell on Craigslist

    Hahahahahahahahaaaaa Asking $1000 at least pull it out of the weeds first Craigslist: 1986 Toyota Supra GT
  15. jdmfreak


    Hello all, So to start at the beginning, long story short I got my first supra in trade for my 1991 toyota 4-runner (3vze 35" tires) the runner : first supra 88 targa turbo: after fixing enough of the previous owners stupidity(such as using a air compressor regulator as a boost...
  16. jdmfreak

    how does my parts list look???

    Hello all as some of you know i have been "boostless" for a while now as i have been collecting parts to build my car correctly this time i wanted to run my parts list/plan by you guys to see if i am leaving out anything critical my plan is to have this done by the centrailia meet mpt70...
  17. jdmfreak

    Seaside oregon

    Hey drove the supra to the beach:-P anyone else here this weekend? Headed to hug point this morning
  18. jdmfreak

    Electric fan wiring setup

    Ok I have been putting off asking about this because I know from searching what everyone is gonna say.. "just use a stock fan" But let me give you my back story /excuse I originally swapped a efan (flexalite dual 12")into my supra shortly after purchasing it because my shroud was broke and...
  19. jdmfreak

    Aftermarket radio wiring

    It must have been a long day because something as simple as wiring in my new pioneer deck is kicking my butt... Anyway either I can't read a wiring diagram to save my life tonight or the tsrm I am reading is not for my year supra Does anybody have the wiring diagram for a 90 turbo...
  20. jdmfreak

    Gauge cluster issues

    Got my 90 running last weekend (bought the shell last year) and half my gauges don't work it has aftermarket back plates(behind the needles) so I think whoever installed those messed them up. .. My fuel Gauge and my temp gauge work my speedometer did work(till my buddy poked the needle not...