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    Blocking Cold Start Injector Port on Fuel Rail

    What are people using to block the cold start injector port on the fuel rail? Its a M12 x 1.25 thread and its hard to find anything at all in that thread decent looking let alone the right length I have emailed ARP to see if they can make a custom bolt but there must be an easier way
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    Celsius Climate Control Panel 89+

    Hi guys I'm looking for a digital climate control panel that reads in Celsius. I understand that the Canadian models read in Celsius, I havent had any luck in the FS section wasnt sure if anyone here had a lead on one by any chance. Sorry if its the wrong section to post just thought I may...
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    Windshied Washer Reservoir Differences

    This may seem a bit of an obscure thing to care about but I am looking at buying a new windscreen washer reservoir, and the JDM part number is no longer available new so I have to turn to the USDM equivalents. I cant fathom any possible compatibility issue given its location on the car, the...
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    Silicon Radiator Hose Options - whats best?

    I've done a bit of a search and cant get conclusive info What are the choices for silicon radiator hoses and which ones seem to be the best fit in terms of shape and the correct ID. I considered a hard line but I like to be able to squeeze the hose and check my HG status lol Maybe...