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  1. Quazaky

    The MB Big Brake Kit ( A visual Guide)

    Id like to say first off that I AM NOT the one who came up with these idea. I am just showing how I did it and am trying to give as much information in one spot vs being spread out. I am unsure who came up with the 'MB BBK' since i read through many forums to find the info but here is a...
  2. Quazaky

    7MGTE Build

    hey just finished my 7mgte Build for my 1990 mk3 supra made a YouTube video for anyone interested.
  3. Quazaky

    7MGTE Build

    Just finished Up my 7mgte build for my 1990 mk3 link to the YouTube video below note *this post might be in the wrong section, if so admin can delete.*
  4. Quazaky

    Aem v1 and rc 550 injectors,

    Im going to go get my car tuned next week i have lex afm rc550s and a aem v1 ecu, the rc550 are low impedence injectors and my research is showing me that i need to trick the aem ecu to think they are high impedance by adding resistors? CAN ANYONE shed some light on this? part numbers...
  5. Quazaky

    Crank and rod bearing help

    I am looking into buying some new rod and crank bearings for my 7mgte has anyone used KING rod and crank bearings? Toyota is asking over 300 for just crank bearings which is to much. what have you guys used what do you recommend
  6. Quazaky

    Toyota Canada cant even help me!

    hey guys really need some help i have a 1990 Toyota supra turbo and i need a power steering pump. Napa,Toyota dealerships and Toyota CANADA cant even figure out which pump is in my car. i need to know if it is a w/o Hydraulic Reaction Type Pump or w/ Hydraulic Reaction Type Pump.
  7. Quazaky

    Power steering problem need help

    Hi guys, So ever since i brought my car out of storage for the winter there has been an issue with the power steering. When ever the car is running its squeaks really loud. I also have Zero assist it feels like its fighting me trying to turn even. the ATF will go from empty reservoir to overflow...
  8. Quazaky

    HSD coilover issues

    I have just bought a set of HSD mono-pro coil overs i was able to get the front in. but the back coil overs don't fit in the tab in the lower control arm has anyone else had this problem and what do you suggest to fix it? the rear metal tabs are to thick to open up like the front ones so i...
  9. Quazaky

    A/C high side port

    hey guys so i just picked myself up a 1990 7mgte supra and the a/c is not working atm, the belt was off the compressor when i bought it so something must be wring with the system. SO what i was wondering was that the high side port with the red cap between the bumper and the front of the engine...