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  1. daledoe

    Need background!!!

    Hay, Its been a minute since I've been on here. I just got a new laptop and I'm looking for a nice landscape like pic of an MK3 for my background. Google image has the same old same old you know and I've spent hours on here looking!!~ Can anyone help
  2. daledoe

    Rust advice

    I have an 87 with basically no rust. The other day I had the rear end up for the first time in a while and noticed this.... So my question is how much work is going to be involved in repairing this??
  3. daledoe

    RIP old 89

    I just found some pics of my old white mk3 just before I junked it. I know the body was in OK shape but I didn't have the space and it had to go in a week. These pics are 7 months old. I still have most of the car!!!~
  4. daledoe

    What does one TRILLION dollars look like?

    Thats alot of money :eek3:
  5. daledoe

    Scary wheelie at the track!!!~

    I've only driven a few bikes in my life and this makes me not wont to drive one again. Sketchy as hell Has this every happened to anyone???
  6. daledoe

    So a woman goes to the auto shop

    Man, people amaze me every day......
  7. daledoe

    Sebastian Vettel explains 2009 F1 rule changes

    Man this is going to be a exciting year for F1 racing!!!~ Theres going to be allot more driver error witch makes for much better racing
  8. daledoe

    13 year old DAD !!!~

    This is nuts. What is this kid thinking?????????
  9. daledoe

    Supra monster truck

    I've been looking for that pic of the supra thats lifted!!! Anyone have a copy of it??? I've googled for hours and look everywhere that I could think. I cant find it, No luck.
  10. daledoe

    Speeders Fight Back-GSX-R Owned

    This guy is the biggest TOOL!!!
  11. daledoe

    people getting really hurt

    This is probly a repost but O'well!!! Old but still great. Theres some evil falls in this video. The girl at the beginning is my favorite.
  12. daledoe

    Song game

    I'll start by posting a Band and Song name, and the next song posted must contain one complete word from the last song posted, it can be in the band name or the song title. (Example JACK Johnson - The Horizon Has Been Defeated The Who - Happy JACK David Usher - HAPPY endings) OK, "Shadows...
  13. daledoe

    auto meter boost Gauge

    I have this old boost gauges and behind the lens is dirty. I didn't know if there is a way to take off the lens to clean it. It doesn't unscrew and I tried to pull it off but I don't wont to brake it. Any input??? Its a Phanton Auto Meter 20psi boost gauge....
  14. daledoe

    Drag Racing Reaction Time Game

    .011 first run the first time I played!!!! My score wasn't that good tho 1850.
  15. daledoe

    How It's Made - Hot Dogs

    MMMMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Meat Paste Its not as bad as people make it out to be!!!! It made me wont to go eat a hot dog to be hoist with U :dunno:
  16. daledoe

    Go Hon-don't

    I just found this old video that my and my friend Erk made like 6 years ago. I thought I lost it. He just said "grab ur camera and film, I have an idea" and this is what came off the top of his head!!!!
  17. daledoe

    Kid Accidentally Nails Little Brother

    this Is great!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  18. daledoe

    Skills With A 15 Ton Front Loader

    I've seen this done in smaller tractors but DAMN!!!!!!!!!
  19. daledoe

    Christmas Tree Incineration

    WOW all this in less the 50 seconds
  20. daledoe

    Dog Trapped In Pepsi Can Forcefield

    Dum ass dog!!!