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  1. Bmettie

    What Years Have the Hatch Release Cable Block Coupler?

    Yea older models didn't have the ability to disable the hatch release from the drivers lever(dual cables), later models(single cable) could use the key lock to disable the hatch release from the drivers lever. Yea a lead fishing weight also worked for me. Also the second cable connection is...
  2. Bmettie

    Oil pan pain.
  3. Bmettie

    1ZZ-FE coils on 7MGTE

    Get a Camry throttle cable. Its just the right size! Also with Alberts 1ZZ Coil bracket!
  4. Bmettie

    7MGTE Fuel system upgrade questions...

    On the stock ECU its for hot starts only. It'll disconnect the vac source so there is higher rail pressure.
  5. Bmettie

    Time to Revive - 7Mbuild-up

    Are those tapered lug nuts? Or Toyota ones? They look like tapered ones, if so then thats a no-no.
  6. Bmettie

    7MGTE Main Harness Plug

    That's your B2 connector
  7. Bmettie

    DIY: R-12 to R-134a Conversion (How To)
  8. Bmettie

    The 7mgte Bolt-On Turbo Catalog

    Nothing good and there are no markings
  9. Bmettie

    The 7mgte Bolt-On Turbo Catalog

    I have a Turbonetics Bolt on, second, third, fourth hand(who knows). I've done some research and found that its a F1-62 turbonetics turbine in a non branded CT26 turbine housing(standard 6 bolt to the center section), turbonetics standard shaft journal center with a GT63/T04R 63 Trim...
  10. Bmettie

    ms3x how to guide for 7mgte

    I doubt he was speaking to you directly, a year and a half ago.
  11. Bmettie

    Does anyone have a B1 Pinout
  12. Bmettie

    CSI fuel rail plug size m12x1.25
  13. Bmettie

    The technician shortage is getting worse

    This is the kind of stuff that I build/work on now, I used to be an auto tech. Now its just a hobby
  14. Bmettie

    500whp on probe Pistons
  15. Bmettie

    Water neck sensors thread pitch for plugs I have 3x 3/8 BSPT plugs in the...
  16. Bmettie

    AM2 Circuit pops fuse
  17. Bmettie

    Water neck sensors thread pitch for plugs The lowest one and ones on the T-stat housing are 3/8 BSPT The ECU sensor is m12x1.25 CSI Timer is m16x1.5
  18. Bmettie

    Maft pro wiring

    Pinout is in the manual, all the way at the end