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  1. hvyman

    New Heater Valve Replacement Options???

    Maybe where your from. But when it’s 80-100f out even new Toyota’s it can be hard to reach that unless you run it for a long time. Although you can run into evaporator freezing. Usually I would see 45-50 more common.
  2. hvyman

    New Heater Valve Replacement Options???

    a/c worked good but would work better without hot coolant flow.
  3. hvyman

    New Heater Valve Replacement Options???

    a lot of earlier toyota used them and have about the same routing. personally i just delete it.
  4. hvyman

    JZ Swap Lower Rad Hose Discovery!

    mk4 one works perfectly. no cutting needed.
  5. hvyman

    Leak down tester

    you want like 5-10% leakage max. a healthy engine is usually 2-5%. if air comes out the radiator cap then hg is blown. I have a snap on one so not sure about the others, but like a otc one should be fine. any really should be ok.
  6. hvyman

    Ignition to Starter Cable

    There’s also the starter relay and contacts
  7. hvyman

    JZX90 cluster help

    What about the yellow wire. Or other wire that’s not the red wire. One wire will be 12v with key on. The other will be 12v when in reverse
  8. hvyman

    JZX90 cluster help

    Reverse comes off trans and goes through engine harness
  9. hvyman

    JZX90 cluster help

    pic of the back of your cluster please.
  10. hvyman

    JZX90 cluster help

    Ya so the location of the plugs are not relevant to what there going to. You might be able to get lucky and go to junk yard and other Toyota’s would fit. Which is usually the case for similar generation Toyota’s. As there is not only the gauges but all the lights and dummy lights. The tach...
  11. hvyman

    JZX90 cluster help

    There will be a connectors to plug everything in. you could use a ohm meter and ohm from connector to each terminal and make your own diagram. time consuming tho. i found what i think is half the diagram
  12. hvyman

    JZX90 cluster help

    so water temp will be the single wire temp sensor on the water neck, oil pressure comes from the sensor, rpm will come from the ecu, and fuel level will normally be on the body harness. regarding the cluster wiring you can easily take apart the cluster and read the circuit board and trace the...
  13. hvyman

    1UZ swap into MA70 - what to keep/ditch when ordering the harness from Tweak'd...

    If staying stock egr isn’t really a bad thing to have. It’s only active during cruise. For stock ecu the cold start injector would prolly have better start up drive ability if the ecu your using is looking for it. The trac stuff you can delete. The throttle if you use a non actuated...
  14. hvyman

    TEMS Shock rebuilt???

    there throw away shows. im sure someone could prolly rebuild them but they would cost as much as coilovers. and its a very old limited outdated system.
  15. hvyman

    Oil squirters... Keep or Delete???

    Ya keep them. Most modern day engines turbo or not even use squirters. The oil pump will still pump out enough oil.
  16. hvyman

    Reccomendations for "modern" dampers/springs (coilovers)?

    get fortune auto coilovers. better bang for the buck with better quality. and then get lower spring rates like 12/8 or 14/10
  17. hvyman

    Important but stupid question

    Depends on your goals. Can use stock turbo or go aftermarket.
  18. hvyman

    New engine smokes on decel

    There is no pcv valve on the 7m. There is a orfice on the tb and the turbo pulls vacuum as well.
  19. hvyman

    New engine smokes on decel

    that shouldnt damage the turbo. but if you siliconed the oil drain flanges on its likely that its blocking the flow pushing oil out of the turbo. also you can pull the valve cover breather tube off and idle the car and see if smoke comes out the valve covers. if a lot does its blow by.