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  1. JDMMA70

    1986.5 Supra Restoration Project

    So...... Looks like this car was never ever registered, or the records are lost. Originally from Louisiana though.
  2. JDMMA70

    1986.5 Supra Restoration Project

    I can do the check for free, just send the vin
  3. JDMMA70

    DIY: R-12 to R-134a Conversion (How To)

    If you use the From 09/87 Condenser yes. If its the From 01/87 Condenser it may not fit or work 100% correctly.
  4. JDMMA70

    Old School HKS Intercooler

    Good intercooler supports good power
  5. JDMMA70

    DIY: R-12 to R-134a Conversion (How To)

    Yes the condenser were different. They changed in September 1987 which is the same for all MK3s going forward. Looks like the condenser was discontinued. Hopefully Denso starts manufacturing them again.
  6. JDMMA70

    The hottest 25 collector cars this summer (2018 edition)

    Still dont know why they dont have the 87-88 Turbos listed
  7. JDMMA70

    Recaro interior from jza70

    Looks like the seats were recovered at one point. I don't even see the recaro logo in the pictures on the seats.
  8. JDMMA70

    What happened to my post??
  9. JDMMA70

    Offical 2020 Toyota GR Supra Specs, Pricing, and Photos

    I agree, at the same time I don't think this car would've come out with the 50K MSRP if Toyota did an all new chassis and engine themselves, not even for 100K MSRP I don't think. Toyota didn't want a repeat of the MK4. They expected to sell 20K cars the first year in '93. They never reached that...
  10. JDMMA70

    Offical 2020 Toyota GR Supra Specs, Pricing, and Photos

    I am copying and pasting my reply from another forum.
  11. JDMMA70

    My TD06-20G Rebuild DIY

    I have two email addresses. and Your compressor side should be identical to mine, the only thing different would be your turbine housing. So any turbocharger rebuild shop familiar with mitsubishi turbos should be familiar with it. 3rd Coast...
  12. JDMMA70

    torque plate

    My mistake, however these are generally removed when honing the bores. Least from what I can remember when mine were done.
  13. JDMMA70

    torque plate

    Looks good although I dont remember Ron's torque plate having the oil feed holes. His was about 1.5in to 2in thick IIRC. Just need to measure from the top of the head bolt surface to the bottom of the bolt hole to get the required width if the user is going to use head bolts. Otherwise you can...
  14. JDMMA70

    Old school HKS turbo kit for 7mgte

    Id have to look through the old Japanese HKS catalogs but I this is the HKS T04 upgrade. Not unlike the TO4E upgrade but that turbo bolted onto the factory manifold whereas this had a dedicated T4 manifold and external wastegate. As far as power is concerned these were upper 400's low 500s...
  15. JDMMA70

    87 supra starting issue

    99% of the time its not any of the components or wiring but rather the connector terminals being oxidized or corroded. If you can figure out where the voltage drop is occurring and clean the terminals between the two points. It generally fixes the issue. However I can only speak from my own...
  16. JDMMA70

    BorHor's Return!

    I like how youve come back full circle with the exact same car you started with. Welcome back!
  17. JDMMA70

    87 supra starting issue

    So this is a crank but no start issue correct? As in the motor is spinning?
  18. JDMMA70

    87 supra starting issue

    Can you describe more in detail what is going on?