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  1. plaaya69

    My Take on the 2020 Supra

    Good pros and cons you have mentioned. I do think that this new Supra will bring in a new crowd of car buyers who don't even know any history of the previous generations so the Supra will be a brand new experience for them plus there is just people who want to buy new cars even if the some of...
  2. plaaya69

    New Heater Valve Replacement Options???

    Interesting, thanks 3p.
  3. plaaya69

    New Heater Valve Replacement Options???

    I do like the oem design but in my 87 Supra that is the only time I was left stranded due to the brittle plastic all falling apart. I know as time goes on and mileage goes up it will just be a matter of time before a used one cracks again. I have also been suggested this one from another Supra...
  4. plaaya69

    New Heater Valve Replacement Options???

    I am thinking about getting a working r12 a/c system back in the Supra so I would like to retain a opening and closing heater valve. Currently I have a 90 degree brass sharkbite fitting that works good to keep the coolant flowing but does anyone have any aftermarket replacement options besides a...
  5. plaaya69

    Mo Boost, Mo Power, Mo 7m : 87 Turbo Supra 7mGTE Full Rebuild + Manual Conver + More

    Thanks zhenya. I am trying to make things as perfect as they can be, maybe even put this one in some car shows.
  6. plaaya69

    The Kamikaizen Great Unpoochening

    Those new switches look nice. Do you plan on recharging the a/c with r12? I see some locally for sale and I remember the r12 freon worked so much better in my old 87 non turbo then when it was converted to r134a.
  7. plaaya69

    Mo Boost, Mo Power, Mo 7m : 87 Turbo Supra 7mGTE Full Rebuild + Manual Conver + More

    Thanks, I am trying to make the most of these few nice days we have lol.
  8. plaaya69

    Mo Boost, Mo Power, Mo 7m : 87 Turbo Supra 7mGTE Full Rebuild + Manual Conver + More

    Just wanted to stop back in for a update on things. Both Supra's are in the garage over the winter and I have been transferring parts my 87 to the new 86.5. I started with the gray interior transfer: The old 87 interior looking naked: Got the junkyard r154 rebuilt locally with the DM...
  9. plaaya69

    How Cold?

    Freezing. Yesterday was about 10 to 20 degrees colder but right now its -16F with a -31F windchill and here I am looking at r12 freon cans for sale for my Supra if I put the A/C system back in this summer lol. It's even more crazy that in the next few days we will have a high of 51F degrees with...
  10. plaaya69

    Reccomendations for "modern" dampers/springs (coilovers)?

    I will probably be doing sway bars this year. Are these the ones you have? Do you know if the sway bars are hollow or solid? I see the GodSpeed ones for sale but not too many people seem to recommend those. Thanks.
  11. plaaya69

    Hello there

  12. plaaya69

    Supra in Local Junkyard (Between Milwaukee and Chicago) w/Pic's.

    New 1979 Supra in. Not sure how many mk1 guys are on here but here it is for the picking:
  13. plaaya69

    Offical 2020 Toyota GR Supra Specs, Pricing, and Photos

    it looks like they went 180 and made it so the passenger is more in control and not the driver anymore with that big divider in the console. Where is the "Oh-Shit" grab bars on the front pillars? Maybe because of the side air bags it is probably not a option anymore?
  14. plaaya69

    The Kamikaizen Great Unpoochening

    Glad to hear you are getting it up and running. You might want to go with a open mouth 1 piece downpipe like this style:
  15. plaaya69

    A little help here...

    Good to hear you got it dropped out. You can check different places for prices but you still can get that fuel pump hanger brand new from Toyota. How do the rest of the fuel lines that run along the body...
  16. plaaya69

    New guy.

  17. plaaya69

    7mgte Wiring Harness

    I am kinda surprised at the price as well when I first saw it plus I do like the OEM replacement connectors they offer. Sorry to hear about your grommet issue but like you said they should have caught that. Do you still get the lifetime warranty on that engine harness? Tweak'D does seem to be...
  18. plaaya69

    1986.5 Supra Restoration Project

    On your instrument cluster not working I would check all your fuses first. Next I would check to make sure your body plugs behind the cluster and under the dash are all plugged in. If only your water temp and oil pressure gauges are not working then you should double check all the plugs by the...
  19. plaaya69

    87 supra starting issue

    Well it does not help when the original poster does not give a better detailed explanation of what exactly is going on such as a cranking, fuel or ignition problem so I will provide a short theory until there is more information provided (which he has now). How about you contribute something...
  20. plaaya69

    BorHor's Return!

    Welcome back.