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  1. 1jzpwrlives

    1jzpwrlives JZA70 build thread

    Hello all. Here is my second go around with a JZA70. I purchased a JZA70 from Japan and its currently being shipped to the states. I should see it in about 2 1/2 weeks. As we all should know, the JZA70 is legal to own in the states because of the federal 25 year law. I have the opportunity to...
  2. 1jzpwrlives

    Hello from Texas

    Hey all, just wanted to say hello. I’ve purchased another jza70 from Japan, It’s currently in route to me. I should have it by the end of December. I say another because I used to own a red jza70 before. I sold the car due to some personal issues at the time. It was a source of controversy for...