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    2jzgte swap, vvti or non vvti opinions?

    Hey. . I actually haven't started yet haha. I should be home from this deployment within the next couple months. I'm so ready to go home lol.
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    Coming soon to SupraMania

    Glad to know it, this is my second go at being in the service I was Air Force and after a long break in service and some life changing events I re enlisted in the Army lol. But yeah, I will definitely keep you in the loop. Where are you from if you don't mind me asking?
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    Coming soon to SupraMania

    I pretty much have the same thing going on with mine...I'm currently on a deployment but I managed to save up some money and there's a 2jz waiting for me in my garage when I get home!
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    2jzgte swap, vvti or non vvti opinions?

    2jzgte vvti has been ordered and scheduled to arrive at my dad's house next Tuesday! Only few more months until I get home and can start working on the swap!
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    New Member Introduction

    Welcome to SM! I'm from Colorado springs, let me know if you get one and need any help. I'm currently deployed but when I get back I'm 2jz swapping my car. I have quite a bit of 7m experience. I've built and sold a few lol. Anyways the mk3 is a perfect project car and you will learn a lot...
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    2jzgte swap, vvti or non vvti opinions?

    Of course I'd like information haha anything you have I will take it! Thanks a lot I really appreciate it! I won't really be able to do anything with it for a few more months but I'm trying to be as ready as possible for when I come back.
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    2jzgte swap, vvti or non vvti opinions?

    I'm assuming you have a vvti? What ems are you running?
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    Where did everyone go?

    I know I'm late to reply to this thread but I find myself wondering the same thing... I haven't even looked at my Supra in years now as life happened such as having a daughter, joining the Army, buying a house etc. Now that I'm on deployment I have managed to save up some money and life is...
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    2jzgte swap, vvti or non vvti opinions?

    I've been gone from the forums for a few years now as life happened, birth of my daughter, I joined the Army, bought my first house. So the Supra has been sitting in my dad's barn... Now that my daughter will soon be going to school, the wife will start work soon and I will be back from...
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    New MK3 Owner from CO

    Cool, I live in Colorado springs, maybe when I get back home I'll make my way up there.
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    What other Cars do you own thread

    1975 Celica gt, 1989 Toyota pickup, 2004 Camry and a 2010 Tundra.. I had a few others but they have since been sold
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    The Long Winter - a Supra short film

    Awesome video man making me miss my car. Do you have any more vids? Sorry my internet is trash where I'm at rn I can't really check out your YouTube channel.
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    New MK3 Owner from CO

    What part of CO? I too am from Colorado but currently deployed now but it'd be cool to meet up when I get back.
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    Looking at getting an MK3 Supra

    You took the words right out of my mouth or off my fingertips... Either way I love my mk3 to death but I have a couple daily drivers incase of the inevitable repairs and or mods being done on it. Maybe talk to your dad about getting a reliable daily and the Supra as a weekend father son bonding...