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    What do you do?

    I do high voltage electrical testing and maintenance for a NETA accredited company. I’ve only been with them just over a year now since I’m still pretty fresh out of community college.
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    total 2 JZ noober

    Lexus SC300, IS300, and GS300 got the 2JZGE, which is the naturally aspirated motor. You can find these in a junkyard or on eBay listings for pretty cheap compared to the 2jzgte engines on sale right now. 2jzgte’s were about $3000 last March and now they’re about $7000 on eBay. Any 2JZGE post...
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    Motor modifications

    Drift motion is a good place for 7m and Supra parts.
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    Trusted lug nut brands?

    Never tried speedindustry, but the Muteki lug nuts I installed last year seem fine.
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    Window Mouldings

    Has anyone heard anything new about Toyota’s GR heritage parts? Hopefully they can still produce the first batch of parts they planned this year and maybe make trim pieces in the future. A good carbon fiber vender would be a dream come true too.
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    What has the world come to!!!!

    This whole thing is just BS media hype. The virus itself only kills less than 1% of people, most of whom are already unhealthy. It’s the economic consequences of media scares and the market’s reliance on Chinese production that will hurt more people. On the bright side, hopefully non essential...
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    3D Printed Supra Parts

    Don’t worry about it man, my car is funky back there and I’m too lazy to get back into it again. I think a longer block could probably work but I’m not sure how many more millimeters I would need.
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    3D Printed Supra Parts

    I installed my voltage meter and hatch release block this weekend. The voltage meter works prefect and looks great. I would’ve taken a picture but I couldn’t get my camera to focus on the LED light and the car so they were all blurry. The hatch release block didn’t work out for me though. I got...
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    What did you do to your supra today? Pics

    I’ve been busy with the car the last couple months. The new sound system was finished about a week ago and I had been working on it since September. My dad owned the car before me and he had already installed a subwoofer with an amp to go with it, so I installed a new head unit, new door and...
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    What did you do to your supra today? Pics

    Just replaced my Dad’s wheels and tires with my own. He had 225/35R20 all around, and I put 225/50R16 in the front and 245/50R16 in the rear. The wheels are Konig Backbones that I got a good deal on, and I put on some BMW center caps as a joke towards the new Supra. My dad thought it’d be...
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    Cooling system video featuring Mk3 Supra

    It’s not my video, I just happened to find it on YouTube today. Seemed like a good idea to me to share it. Edit: just realized he’s not using a Supra engine in his demonstration, I think the car is just for showing off lol
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    2jz needs and dont needs + bonus ?

    You mean like AC and power steering? Sure lol
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    What did you do to your supra today? Pics

    I decided to replace one of the windshield fluid nozzles on my mk3. The old one had a broken tip, but I shattered it today by trying to squeeze it with pliers to pop it out. I’d like to see how the windshield fluid hose setup is on a stock mk3 because I just cut a hose shorter because it still...
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    How To Hijack Every iPhone In The World

    This is how we’ll get into area 51