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    What you didnt expect to find in your Supra

    Laughed so hard i think i pee'd a bit. good one Ian.!
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    Any 2 Wheel Lovers on the forums

    Do dirt bikes count? Since i sold my road bike i now ride a kx250 2007, last of the KX two strokes. Having kids seems to make me a little more on the cautious side when i ride lately but i still manage to get a smile from it and covered in mud.
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    Is Toymods a secret society?

    Yeah i had dramas signing up years ago and it ended up being a simple mistake.To be quite honest you will find much better info right here.
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    Loosest Aussie bloke ever: Even looser.

    Every "k" over is a killer....Lol i hate that add , do you get that in Melbourne Ian?
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    Loosest Aussie bloke ever: Even looser.

    Here's another ordinary Aussie...
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    Loosest Aussie bloke ever: Even looser.

    Lol he's one hard Aussie!
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    It doesnt get any more original than...

    Bud light? whats the alcohol content on that? All the rage at the moment in Aussie land is beers that taste similar to Corona, i"m drinking one right now called xxxx summer(4.2% alc/vol), which is not bad and the kind of beer you can drink all day long and not get sick of.
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    Is this guy retarded? I think so

    Started reading .................Didn't get very far ! Let's face it, somewhere in the world at any given time someone will say somthing stupid to a person and we really don't need to hear it and judge them. Life is full enough of negativity without digging for more.
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    Who's drunk right now!?

    Downin beers like there's no tomorrow! damnit rdind motocross tomorrow wont be pretty
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    For the old school die hard Toyota guys...

    Great to see how many people actually were involved with these trucks and still able to give up info and pics..This why i love the internet!
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    Improving Factory Brakes

    I used to buy from a company called RDA when i managed a parts shop years ago and they told me of a few companies that still drilled there discs even though they were aware of the cracking issues. RDA used a dimpling design which didn't effect the structural integrity of the disc, so no cracking...
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    im actually a datsun owner

    Wow that blue 240z is sweet. My younger brother has a datsun 1600 in his backyard he picked up cheap from Roma (country Australia) with no rust at all and very straight. I looked at it but can't bring myself to do up another old car although it would be fun.
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    What's The Best Lie A Stripper Ever Told You?

    Best lie to a stripper " You have really nice eyes !"
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    NWS: Presenting the Fleshlipad

    A lonely nerds
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    im actually a datsun owner

    Is a Datsun 510 the same as the aussie Datsun 1600 ?