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  • Please dlete or disregard my post pending approval regarding KYB and Bilstein struts.

    I was tired when I posted it and to lazy to use search which I have done now.

    Sorry bout that. Got my questions all answered up though now.

    In my tired state I stupidly thought to myself, "Search....ya, who could possible ever have asked such a question before me, no-one it's too obscure", ya thats it......nope lots o people.

    LOL, have a good day!

    I was wondering a couple of things. I'm currently pricing out having a new rack CNC'd that's 50-60mm longer than stock to add more travel, and more steering angle. I've already added the tie rod ends, but I don't really see how adding the tie rod ends is gonna add more angle. The rack is still moving in and out the same amount.

    Next, steering quickeners. I'm going to get one, but I'm not sure of the spline count and diameter of the stock rack.

    The car is going to be 99.9% track car. the .1% will involve driving to the local events and will be on a trailer for events outside of say a 30 mile radius from my house, so streetability won't be an issue for me.

    Any chance you can do CNC work? (Since I'm the research/quote phase I must ask) I'd like to see if you'd be able to make me the above mentioned rack.


    What info do u need to make a set of coilovers cause I'm really interested in getting a set. I would also like a set of steering rack spacers if u r still making them.
    I was wondering if you had any more steering rack spacers? I tried to pm you but your message box is full. thanks. Clay (NewWestSupras)
    Need advice....I got a 91' Supra Turbo. Would like advice on suspension. This car is really a weekend car with about 450 whp....and right now its running on stock suspension with MKIV wheels. Would like to upgrade to either 18" or 19" wheels...and go with a Coil-Over setup. Reading a bunch of your threads, they all seem to be the same. What would you recommend? I don't want a rigid ride. Firm is good....but rigid and rough is not my idea of driving a weekend car. I would really like a coil-over setup with Camber adjustments. Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks...

    Long Beach, CA
    hi how u doin. im lookin for some a custom spring and coilover setup. from wat i have read i believe u custom make ur own for others. i currently have bilstein shocks with H&R spring. but i want more height adjustability and i want stiffer springs. im planning on drifting the car......but not sure wat spring rates i shud be lookin for. i would gladly appreciate ur help. thanku.
    hi. i have a 88 supra and im trying to figure out what kind of suspension i should get i want something that i can adjust for when i want to take it on the track and still feel good driving on the streets.. i have been looking at the tein ss coilovers and a few others but i have had a few people to tell me just to get bilstein shocks and ebiach springs what do u think i should ivest my money in to?
    hi how u doin. im having a lil trouble with my new suspension setup. i have bilstein shocks with H&R Springs. and im not 100% on how they r suppost to ride but i pictured them feeling stiffer then how they actually ride. and maybe i have them on the wrong perch but i currently have the front on the lowest perch and same with the rear. do u recommend which perch the front and rear should be on. and for some reason the rear is plenty higher then the front. is it suppost to be like that. and i wud like to know if it matters how the spring is posioned when installing them. meaning whether the last coil(lower spring) is suppost to be positioned toward the center of the car or away from the car. on the highway the car rides wonderful but i have a slight feeling the car is bottoming out. maybe i need bump stops but im not sure. im not even sure how bump stops work. it doesnt feel like there is that much shock travel. is ti suppost to be like that. anyways i really appreciate ur help cause im a little new at suspension and vehicle dynamics. thanku for ur help. and thanku for any answers.
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