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  • Hey Don! How you been man? I think maybe I have an old phone number for you, I would like to get some parts from you if youre still in the supra game.... Give me a shout at 778-835-6884 thanks! Andrew
    Hey bro, thanks for the harness it worked great. I'm just waiting for my head gasket and studds to get put on and ill be set. I was thinking of parting out my 89+ slick top. I don't know how to go about doing it and was wondering if you could give me some help. Thanks.
    Saw that u had ' 88 bumper lip(s)...
    Still have 'em?
    What would u take to get one to CA, 95124?
    Hey, could I come out Saturday to get the 87 with my buddy? Sometime before the afternoon preferably because I need to work at 5. If it ain't good for you maybe we can set up for another day.
    Hey bud, My names Ben and I'm from maple ridge, newwestsupras told me that you might have a spare supra you'd be willing to sell me or something, I really love supras and I've been in the market for one for the last couple months, maybe you could help me out? Thanks
    hey, i saw a list of your mods somewhere, and i was just really curious, where the blazes did you find trd cams for a 7m?? i can't find them freaking anywhere!
    You said you were gonna call me on sunday and you never did so when I call you ya don't answer haha. But yes how does tomorrow work?? I'm done school at 1:30pm.
    Hey all you looky loo's, quit visiting me with out saying anything.

    Guys, state your name, rank, serial number and purpose for being here.

    Gals, please leave your body measurements, shoe size and phone numbers..lol..

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