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  • recently spun a rod bearing in my 7mgte .( have forged probe pistions and a hks 2.0mm hg. a greddy to06 20g. and 550 and apexi. on a r154. ) now i cant decide weather to spend the money to fix it or weather i want to part the engine ut and just go 2jzgte. what wou you do??
    Hey Duane, just wondering where have you been? There have been shit posts going on lately, thought you'd be around to monitor! Trust everything is going well for you.

    Tried to send PM but I guess it aint working. Reason I asked because ur proly the only person that ive seen with a high powered 7M. Well at least past my goal which 500RWHP.
    :( ! I just saw you in flashchat and you show me no love! I missed you! I got sick again and couldnt make it to Centralia... and I wont be making it to BC this year either.. My Aunt has to have surgery, so I'm going the opposite direction to San Diego.. I miss you! LOL (Just dont tell your wife :) LOL )
    hey man whats will be better for my car a greddy 20g turbo or a 57trim ct 26, i got a good deal on the greddy 330 for turbo , adapter and elbow what would you do . and what kind of power can i expect with walbro fuel pump, 550cc injectors ,lexus afm, afpr, and a aem i heard you got 505 out of a similar set up. thank you for your time
    Oh dude I was just on your profile to see last time you were active and it says your bday just passed, happy belated man.
    hey hey hows it going ? this is Alvin the guy that got the supra off ur buddy, just saying hi? how was the last meet ?
    Hey...DA-Une (lol!) If the weather report is accurate, it's supposed to be partly cloudy, with a chance of showers Sunday. It's the last day Pac Raceways is open for T&T, how's about heading down here, and running that mid 9 you're looking for?! T is down, as well as Ronaldo, and maybe we can talk Natey into coming too(?)
    Dude, call me, I am sure someone here can head there. You have my number, right? You should have mentioned it at the meet today. ;)
    Hey Duane, I'm trying to find someone to help Tune my car. Anyone that makes trips in your area, my car is in Bellingham.
    I run a built ATI TH350 now. Spec? it is good up to 1300hp. :)

    As far as the hood, I don't make them anymore, sorry. I am now a machinist.
    hello mate how you doing,ant been on net for long time,hows your mad mk3 going!!? just wanted to no what gearbox your running now and what spec??? were hoping to go right into the low 9s soon as the season starts,all the best mate,and good luck with everything with your car.7m power!! adam (UK)
    Hi Duane, Can you make me another MKII Kevlar hood? I know the last time we spoke you said the shortage had you strapped but I severely damaged the last one you made me.Let me know... Blue Kevlar please
    John (TEMPEST)
    Whats up never heard anything about the Cam Covers. Did you get all the other stuff? Baffles and Oil Pump Supply Kit?
    hey duane,

    took your advice and checked out this site!

    talk to you later.........................brian
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