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    1jzgte wont start

    After doing my 1jzgte swap into my supra i drove it for 6 months or so and it drove great.... then one day my 1jz just crank but wouldn't start so i kept trying to start it and finally it started I thought it was weird and check crank and cam sensors and check out fine. drove the car for another...
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    Car won't start after running perfectly

    I want to say it's my ecu because after I did all of those things my 1jz start and drove for a week then one morning it started doing it again.
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    Car won't start after running perfectly

    Ha having the same problem but with stock ecu. But did my crank sensor cam sensor map check fuel relays grounds fuse. I'm lost NEED HELP . Going to do my ecu next and if not that I don't know anymore:(
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    gearbox/lsd oil

    I was wondering how much diff oil I should use on my lsd it is 4.3 ratio? I was told 2.3 pint which in quart it is almost 1.5 quarts. Would the gear ratio of change the amount of oil to use on a lsd?
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    2jzgte injectors on 1jzgte???

    What if I was going to use apexi AFC neo feul computer piggy back do I still need a resistor pack?