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    The Long Winter - a Supra short film

    Awesome vid!!!
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    Socal A70 owners

    Gilbert Barraza, Palmdale Ca. and Los Angeles. FB is my name and IG is @Barraza.70
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    What did you do to your supra today? Pics

    Put air in the tires after about 7 years of sitting. Getting it ready to trailer it to it’s new home. There, I will begin it’s refreshing/ restoration.
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    Bolt on Big Brake Kit For around 300$.

    The mounting bracket, on this particular style of caliper, has a number at the very bottom. The last three digits designate the rotor diameter. You can see the “312” in the bottom image. The top image has the “330” respectively.
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    Bolt on Big Brake Kit For around 300$.

    Plot twist, it appears that the rotor diameter is stamped on the caliper itself. It’ll denote 312mm or 330mm. I’ll be re ordering calipers. Luckily the ones I purchased have not shipped yet.
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    Bolt on Big Brake Kit For around 300$.

    You and I both. I specifically searched for the S500 in the search tab. Everywhere I searched prior to ordering them led me to believe they will work.
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    Bolt on Big Brake Kit For around 300$.

    They should be he same. Possibly a change done later in production. I believe mine to be earlier than the ones you have, but should work none the less.
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    Bolt on Big Brake Kit For around 300$.

    Purchased a pair of calipers for $80 on eBay tonight. I’ll be doing Brembo R350 blanks.
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    87 Supra Preservation/Modernization Build (Lots of pics!!!)

    Great thread Silv. That interior looks amazing as does the rest of the car. Great work. As for suspenion, I'm on the same boat as you. I'm thinking Tanabe springs and Eibachs if they're still available.
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    looking to get into a mk3 supra

    Honestly speaking, I have an '89 that I got years ago. It was bone stock and was in great condition. I daily drove it for a whole year when I got it then I wrecked it being a jackass. Fixed it drove it again and drove it for another year and again like a jackass, spun a bearing. Point is that I...
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    interior color change I'm put please

    It looks great, let us know how it holds up to normal wear.
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    What do you guys think of this intercooler design? ,':-|

    I don't think the end tank design would harm the flow of air through the inter cooler. However I don't have any concrete info on this. I myself am looking at a similar design inter cooler(Not the spearco design). Read this:
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    7MGTE flywheel question

    Light weight or stock?
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    morganson's COP S-Type setup

    The harness I got was above factory standards. Working at a dealership and dealing with wiring harnesses all the time I've yet to see better. I back this harness 100%