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    who here is left handed?

    Right-handed naturally but my vote went to ambidextrous. I broke my right wrist when I was about 8, had to learn to use my left hand and have been able to do most tasks in my daily life with either left or right hand ever since. Depends on what I feel like, sometimes right feels more natural...
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    What drugs/head injury prompted your Username?

    That's classified information.... :icon_bigg
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    The "I Just...."

    Re: The "I Just...." Thread I was just about to say something to that effect! Just without the crying part. I hope his kids keep going.
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    Whale Wars - hypocrytical?

    :D The best part of this episode is when Sig Hansen and the Northwestern Crew from Deadliest Catch show up.... I laughed so hard. Yes, I like watching Deadliest Catch... :icon_bigg
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    Whale Wars - hypocrytical?

    I totally agree with you. I love my dogs, I love animals and I hate to see them suffer, I really do but people have hunted whales forever. So the Japanese claim it's for research when it's really for food... so what? I really don't care why they do something as long as they efficiently use the...
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    RIP Solo Razo

    Sorry to hear. I feel for you. Dogs are awesome. It reminded me of my Mr. Biggy who had to be put down early this year. He looked very peaceful after, like he was sleeping. Wow, man. Just wow. I get worried about my Jack Russell too when she's out in the field and there's a bunch of birds...
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    Picture of the Day!

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    Picture of the Day!

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    "Global fund created to reintegrate Taliban"
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    Holy cow! Thank you very much! :)

    Holy cow! Thank you very much! :)
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    Who has ice rink in their backyard?

    I would need some cold weather to have ice in the backyard... heck, plants and flowers are starting to grow already and it's not even February yet. Nice rink tho.
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    We are getting a new family member this weekend

    Jake arrived last night... :D He's gotta be the most awesome pup in the world. No crying, no whining, no accidents even tho we slept in. He plays, eats, drinks, tries to play with Jesse tho she is not too fond of him yet but oh well. She had to go through the same thing when she was little...
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    Songs I could go without hearing EVER again...

    Satellite isn't so hot either. From my experience with Sirius... the music isn't that much better, you just have more stations to get pissed off with... and the whole commercial-free thing is a bunch of BS. Every 30 minutes or so they have a commercial break. Nothing like the average radio...
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    Songs I could go without hearing EVER again...

    Never said he sucked, I just can't stand listening to his music anymore. Every radio station here plays his songs up and down and sideways every hour, every day... :nono: