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    Hood pin install (not really a build thread)

    Didn't know where else to put this so I thought here would be a good place. So my bf found these hood pins that I liked, after much research and browsing into other types. I could not stand the look of Aerolatches on our cars (mk2s) and didn't want to get cheapie Autozone ones either...
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    Break In Period

    Ok well maybe one inch hole haha. Anyway, it was a shitty ebay composite. I was cruising on highway and downshifted from 5th to 3rd to pass a slow bastard and it literally went POP. I knew immediately it had blown. Got off highway and parked her. Thankfully it was just a compression blow out and...
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    Break In Period

    You tend to become wary with composites after you blow a 2" hole in one on a naturally aspirated car 3 months after engine was built. I like my HKS 1.2mm very much thank you! :P
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    Break In Period

    If you replaced it with a composite gasket, I would turn the boost up.... never. :sarcasm:
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    Tanya's New Mk2

    Stock alarm can only go off when you dock around with the door lock(s), not when a leaf falls on it :P I'd love to restore it, especially since finding a better chassis in this state is almost impossible, I just don't have the funds. And yes, definitely wanting coilovers as I am tired of my...
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    Tanya's New Mk2

    So many years ago when I first got this car I realized someone took a knife to a lot of the wiring. Many things did not work. Mirrors, door locks, alarm, etc. Knowing that I had no issues tossing some of the horns out of the car since I thought they'd be dead weight. Flash forward to 2 weeks...
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    Tanya's New Mk2

    Advan CF hood fitment pics. I'll be getting hood pins eventually for peace of mind, considering I don't have an engine tray to help keep "lift" out of the engine bay. I'd rather not see the skin rip itself apart. For now, I stay off the highway.
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    Tanya's New Mk2

    Thought I should update this thread, since I didn't want anyone who found this to think the car wasn't still mine because it is. I got her back in May 2009. Supra & 6M Build 2.0 Cross Country Roadtrip WA to FL 6MGE Dyno Tune Now for some REAL updates. Florida has NOT been kind to my car...
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    Getting out of the Supra game.

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    $100 82 L type gets 7mgte swap, paint, P type conversion, suspension, ect ect

    Just a heads up but there's some OEM style carbon fiber hoods being made that will be for sale soon on I think it'd end up weighing around 15lbs or so. Something about cutting the ribs out bothers me greatly, and the doors too, but if you're getting roll cage later then the door...
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    HEY. Are you hiding or something? No talk to me anymores??

    HEY. Are you hiding or something? No talk to me anymores??
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    Do we have at least 12 mk4 owners...

    that have a camera that wasn't made in 1988? I'm taking the reins on the mk3 calendar again this year, and was wondering if we had enough people to do a mk4 calendar as well. For now this is just a feeler thread, as I don't feel like getting BANNED from supraforums for simply asking, nor do I...
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    Why adults don't seriously play MMOs

    I am 30, a mom, and I play WoW. I don't stink of mountain dew nor do I live in a basement. My sex life is also great. (Did I mention bf plays too?) That comic is hilarious. I do shamefully admit to getting into fights with my bf over/because of gaming though. Whether it's WoW or whatever the...
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    Driving unlawfully. How old are you?

    I am 30 years old and I drive however I damn well please. I tend to take it easier after my street racing ticket in 2005, I have not had a ticket since. I do still slide around turns when I am in the mood or race if I feel it's not a hazardous situation (puts on flame suit). In the 4 years...