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    Toyota Heritage Parts

    I've worked with a couple different e-commerce tools and I have had situations where entering an insane price was the easiest way to make something "unavailable". I don't think it was a joke so much as their attempt to ensure nobody purchased the product once they ran out. They've removed the...
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    Considering an MKIII, any advice?

    All depends on the quality of work and the condition of the chassis. A rolling chassis in really good shape is worth $5k alone. A freshly built motor in a mk3 for $5.5k is suspiciously cheap.
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    Maintenance costs of an MK3 Supra?

    Parts readily available? No. Parts cheap? no. Reliable? no. These are relatively expensive project cars as of 2019. Getting the motor "reliable" often requires a full rebuild. It can be a fine car to learn on, but it will rarely be reliable transportation until you've spent a lot of time and...
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    Best Windshield as of 2019?

    Whose glass kicks ass? As I progress on my 91 restoration project I need to plan glass replacement. I'd love to get Toyota glass, but looks like that's completely unavailable. What's the best out there today?
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    Suspension hardware questions

    I don't like the idea of additional compliance in that spring interface - certainly not if it's enough to impact ride height. I think you want as little as possible without metal on metal contact. I'd say chose one and go with it.
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    Polyurethane subframe bushings for the MA70 Supra

    Perhaps, yes! Haven't seen you post in a loooooong time!
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    Dealer Video of a 1992 Teal MK3 with 12k Miles

    If I do another mk3 I think it'll have to be teal. Or at least, I'd paint it teal. Gorgeous color, indeed. I think I've actually only seen one in person and that was SILV 2008 or something.
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    What did you do to your supra today? Pics

    Nice! That is one crazy clean OEM lip you have there. Part of what I love about driving the Supra around town is the random people that know what it is and get excited to see it. It's not like it's an exotic or anything, but it's nice to be reminded you're not the only insane person that loves...
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    Suspension hardware questions

    OK, I dug through some photos. Here's some clear pics of the isolator/insulator. Not sure if it helps or if it's just a tease since you can't buy them anymore, haha. In reality it's really just a low durometer disc of rubber/foam. My old OEM one was essentially completely compressed and worn...
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    A Look at Vehicle Electrical Loads

    Now we're talking. This is the stuff I want to see. Very cool. That's an amazingly small amount of battery usage to crank! I always wondered how many Amps were really used to crank. If you have a data visualization request, let me know. I have a license for Spotfire and use it for work. Really...
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    Steering wheel restoration

    Oh weird. When I talked with Mike w/ Redline in mid-2018 he gave me a Poland address for shipment of my wheel. He went silent after I tried to clarify pricing details. At the same time, Dallas Custom was responsive, fast and domestic, so they got my business despite the higher price tag.
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    Steering wheel restoration

    If you're talking about Redline, they're actually in Poland in Central Europe.
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    Steering wheel restoration

    I used Redline for some mk3 parts in dark grey alcantara. Quality looks great and lead time wasn't too bad. I ended up doing the steering wheel through Dallas Custom in black alcantara. The wheel was very expensive (~$600 if I recall), but quality is as good as it gets, IMO. I'd do it again...
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    BorHor's Return!

    Very cool! I'm excited to see how the install goes and to hear how you like the final product.
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    Wheel Fitment & Question Thread

    If you can, go 8.5 front and 9.5 rear. 245 up front, 275 in back. That with a 40 offset should be fine. Worst case, you need very thin spacers. I would not go with the 25 offset because you're going to have slight poke and potential rubbing issues up front. It's easier to add a spacer than it is...