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    1990 UZA70 - Yotarip is a one trick pony. LOTTTTSSS of pics.

    Can you pm me the contact info for the guy that bypassed the immobilizer? I am swapping a vvti 1uz into a 240sx and need that shit! Haha
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    My First Serious Build '88 mk3 2JZNA-T

    Since you're running the ms3 pro why not up run 1zz coils? They eliminate the igniter and with a simple bracket they bolt write up.. I have a extra set I could sell!
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    AR5 Trans Take Two: The Solstice Solution

    I think it would help if we got an update with a parts list...
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    1UZ Swap: Basic Obstacles and Overview

    Whats the deal with these "unimmobilized" ecus? I read thru the pages they're pretty vague.. is this allowing us access and tune stock ecus??
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    7mgte MegaSquirt 3 Q&A!

    Yup, single and dual core. Just picked up the ms3x both harnesses and the knock module. Hoping to have it installed in my supra by christmas.
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    Another addition to the stable...

    If you do, consider selling your current intanke setup?
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    Another addition to the stable...

    Dooooode what'd you do to get the gte upper plenum on the ge lower? Weld em?
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    7mgte MegaSquirt 3 Q&A!

    doesnt diy sell 2 core?
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    7mgte MegaSquirt 3 Q&A!

    Im just about to order the ms3x and I remember reading about a need to order better sheilded wire. From what I understand the stuff diyautotune sales isnt good enough. Where did you guys purchase your sheilded wire? I remember something about triple core?
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    7mgte MegaSquirt 3 Q&A!

    Haha thanks! Pleasantly surprised by the ms3x 7m support!
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    Yhatzee89's Second-Hand Supra Build Thread

    Re: Yhatzee89's (insert awesome phrase) Build Thread First off let me sincerely thank you for not only protecting our freedom, but also for your sacrifice. Where did you get that 9k tach and 185mph speedo faces?
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    7mgte MegaSquirt 3 Q&A!

    I read thru some builds and have wiring diagrams for the 1zz, inj and stock unipolar iacv. Ign and inj are going to wired in sequentially. Planning on using 1000cc injectors e85, table switching for boost levels and flex fuel.
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    7mgte MegaSquirt 3 Q&A!

    Sounds like we got a similar setup coming together. I may message you if I run into anything!
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    7mgte MegaSquirt 3 Q&A!

    Ok first ill start with the back ground on my setup. I own an 1988 turbo which was originally factory auto, somewhere along the line it was swapped with a r154. Currently it has a 2jzge-t running on 7mgte electronics. Im going to purchase the MegaSquirt v3 in the near future for a couple...