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  • Just wanted to say that those last dyno numbers you have in the sig are quite impressive Jay! Well done!
    I'm doing great man, I'm chilling this summer and helping my dad and mom build our new house, and when I say build I mean build build not contract it out, we are done with the block and framing right now. How you doing?
    No, by flat I mean they're not like triangular or anything.
    The surface is flat on the outside without any cuts or holes between.
    No problem, your car is beautiful, the color and wheels are perfect.
    I'm trying to find a set that looks good on mine, I still can't decide the color but im thinking flat 5-spokes?
    Sorry dude...i have it on my comp..but i cant figure how to save it to a format that youtube...photobucket..or anything that will accept it...ill get u one soo..sorry for the wait..
    You can't buy anything on here without fifty posts or six months membership.

    Chaz, sorry Blake didn't work out for you.
    hey got a question for you. can i post in a forsale section if im just wanting to buy something ? i got an infraction from upgradedsupra for replying to an item up for sale in the mkIII parts for sale section . i replied "how much for the cluster shipped to 35907" he deleated my post and gave me an infraction .the rules say that you have to have 50 posts to buy in the wtb section not the for sale section.can you clear thiss up? or shed some enlightenment?
    I'm Charley Norton, username Chaz. We met in the thred you set up for locals. I was hoping you may have the number to Walker Dyno if he is still around. I have the Greddy turbo on and working on my 1JZ, but need the SAFC tuned. Its OK at 11 lbs, according to the wide band, but don't want to turn it up until he gets a hold of it.
    Hey jay thanks for you help i am finally logged but i tried post on the alabama roll call but dont know how i tried but i think i did it wrong.
    That sucks for him. I definately would have bought it also. I hate he's moving away. He seemed like a cool guy.
    Jay - I just ran into Duck at Wal Mart. He sold the motor right after he PM's me. He told me he sold it for $250 which is just rediculious sheap I think. I would have paid that on the spot had I known in time. He said there wern't any problems with the motor, he just needed the money really bad to get back to the west cost. He is out a job and basically homeless. I offered to buy him dinner but he declined.
    Jay - Remember Duck (Purple SC300) from the meet @ Jim & Nicks back in the Summer. He has a 1JZ for sale (Dirt Cheap) he is looking to move. If you know of anyone interested, let me know.
    Hey jay this is chuck , if your wondering im the guy with the silver 1jz mkiii at steel . i just signed up . thought id say hi. let me know if you are planning to head to steel anytime soon. id like to hang out with fellow supra junkys.
    Do you know the forum name of the guy at the Steele meet with the Green MKIV N/A? He bought a set of black MKIV floormats from me that day. He was there with his wife. Young couple from talladega I think.
    It's still in my car in my glove box. I'll send it to you tomorrow if you give me your address.
    did you ever get a shift knob put in your car? just wondering if i can have mine back some day:wtc:
    I just thought you kept hitting the wrong reply button, over and over and over and over bad.
    I'm just right and she's two years younger............:biglaugh:

    I too love blue supras. I've been thinking seriously about buying one.
    Mate, I read u post regarding ur 2jz built. Currently Im running 1jzgte in my r32.
    I have 2jzgte without wiring & box. Can I install this 2jzgte in my 1jzgte wiring? As i know 2jzgte is longer stroke.
    Thanks in advance
    oops i just saw your message on my profile now :( man im bad being doing ok and U? Car is running ok too. I am in a financial situation though and am forced to sell the car to fix my self up and get things right though
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