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    Oil temp and and oil line routing

    Well from the aftermarket gauge, which is in a sandwich plate between the block and the oil filter adapter, it's reading 80psi. Stock gauge is at about 40-50PS psi with new sender.
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    Oil temp and and oil line routing

    Hey guys. I seem to be having an issue with my oil temps lately on my 7m. Just a little bit of info on my setup first. stock rebuilt ct at 12psi. I have my Innovate oil temp and pressure sensors between the block, in a sandwich adapter, and my oil filter relocation kit. no longer have the...
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    smokes grey, than goes away.

    I still am planning on taking the car on a couple of mountain roads. Just want to make sure I can get there and back.
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    smokes grey, than goes away.

    Just doing what I was told. So thinking it was rings?
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    smokes grey, than goes away.

    It originally had 183k and I just rebuilt it entirely. And I revved the car from 1500 to 2500, varying rpms, for 30 minutes. As per how my machinist told me.
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    smokes grey, than goes away.

    Hey fellas. So 7mgte here. Just rebuilt. He pistons (ceramic top and coated sides.) So I just rebuilt it and started it up. Purred fine. Broke in the rings how my machinist told me. Rev car between 1500 and 2500 for 30 minutes. Took it out for a drive and car ran awesome. Drove to a friend's...
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    Who has used the DM oil pump hose

    I had a similar dilemma during my build. I chose the added security being that I didn't want to pull apart my engine ever again, and went with the AZperformance hardline. Flows more and Will out last the car. Sent from my HTC One
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    7MGTE hoses

    I have a set of the EBay silicone hoses with the accordion hose. I like em. Fitment wasn't the best, needed new clamps and some hoses were a tight squeeze, but in all, I like them. Sent from my HTC One
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    2008 Colorado Toyota Meet (June 29), Hosted by CRN, RMMOC, & Sinergy Scion

    right on aquarius! good turn out today! thanks for setting things up again! always a blast
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    Denver part pickup and shipping to me help, anyone?

    Try pm-ing. CRE or suprarx7nut (I think that's how you spell it). I know they live in/around denver. I would do it, but I live 100 miles south of denver and don't travel there often. Sent from my HTC Vision using Tapatalk
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    another car won't start thread

    updates? my 92 is doing this too. everything is EXACTLY like yours. timing is correct. cps marks are lined up. #1 piston is at tdc and crank is pointing at 0*. Did a compression test on all 6 and all roughly 95psi. i would think that its that low because my block was bored out to 40 over, probe...
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    Supra_man87's 92 turbo rebuild and 5 speed swap build

    Hey guys. Havent posted in a long time (not that any one would notice) but now im into the supra business again and rebuilding the engine of a 92 turbo and swapping in a 5 speed. Couple of weeks ago the head gasket blew and just decided to pull the motor cause i figured it would be easier. And...
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    MapECU not reading rpm, vf sig, and dies when given gas.

    UPDATE: finally got it to pull codes. its codes 24 and 31. both related to mass air flow. triple checked all over again. i'm thinking the mapecu might be defective.Is there anyway how to check if it is and possibly be a way around this?
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    MapECU not reading rpm, vf sig, and dies when given gas.

    Well i changed the tune to the one on the map ecu website for the ma70 with 550's and a larger turbo. and no change at all.
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    MapECU not reading rpm, vf sig, and dies when given gas.

    and i can take a pic in the morning. I had the toyota wiring scematic with me to make sure that the wiring was correct. because i had heard about people possibly wiring it in wrong. as for the lights. just the red light is on. would you happen to have a map that would suit what i need to i can...