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    let's see your rc cars

    Probably had enough to build 2 supras. Thanks tho. :) I miss them from time to time.
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    let's see your rc cars

    I couldve had a good 400whp supra if i hadnt plunged into r/c. Ive had ALOT of cars, trucks and planes as well as operating (with friends) one of the best privately owned r/c forums on the internet. These are just what ive had pictured. Ill try to explain some stuff i did to them also...
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    7mge acting weird

    If you look from the top of the engine down on the intake side, Its right between the Y of the upper intake pipe, Next to the fuel rail. I dont have a picture but if you look straight down youll spot it, Cant miss it.
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    engine wont catch

    Trying ignite water/coolant is going to cause it to run very ruff, Thats probably it. Fix the BHG first. EDIT: Completely didnt see AJ post already.
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    Help debris fell in my engine

    Whatever you do, DO NOT run the engine. Get it out. Even if you have to take it apart.
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    My *sort of* build thread. (PIC WHORE)

    Amazing pictures! I always loved that color when its clean!
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    7MGE 1/4 times - What are you getting?

    I ran a 10.61 @ 65 (1/8th) with a 2.42 60ft after driving an hour in traffic to the track with no cool down and a full tank of gas, Stock 5spd n/a, 158k miles and tons of wheel hop.
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    From a Dig? Or a Roll?

    Ill do both but i rather have a dig, Ive beaten so many cars that shouldnt have lost to a stock supra purely because the owners cant drive out of the hole.
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    Picture of the Day!

    Low 13 second street tire daily driven v6 mustang with a t-56 and 75 shot, and a 2j singled BMW.
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    89+ Climate Control Problem

    True, I was also thinking about selling both of them as i dont have any HVAC stuff in my car.
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    89+ Climate Control Problem

    Ive had an 89+ climate control in my 86.5 for over 2 years now and the lights have always worked at will, If you push on the front panel of the controller they will turn on randomly and stay on till you hit a bump then go off, I always thought that id purchased a faulty controller and put it...
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    Loud "thud" noise when turning full right?

    My car just started doing this, Horrible sound too! Thanks for the help!
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    2011 Mustang GT

    I drove a track pack 6spd awhile back, Easiest high power car ive ever driven, WAY comfy, Way fast and it cruises extremely nice, For the money its hard to beat it. They are already doing 10's on slicks and spray with a tune and gears.
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    The New "I just..." thread. :)

    I just set off a shit ton of fireworks in the local dennys parking lot, With all my friends/the staff helping!!