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    Tattered driver's seat (leather). Advice/suggestions needed

    So, my 92T's driver's seat finally cracked the leather, right in the middle of where my back goes. It's not looking too bad yet but it clearly needs to be replaced. I found this place: . They will sell a complete set of leather seat covers (vinyl on the side trim, etc.) made...
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    How best to reach front side markers? (92T)

    Just like the trim plates around the door lock levers! Nice! I just hope there are not metal clips that will be loosened and fall down inside the front fender area (as there are on the door lock trims... :| )
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    How best to reach front side markers? (92T)

    Thanks! That looked like the obvious way, but you know how "obvious" things can turn out... I checked out your 91 build thread. Awesome! The one thing I miss from my MkII Supra is the sunroof.
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    How best to reach front side markers? (92T)

    I finally burned out one of these bulbs. (19, nearly 20 years... can't complain about the bulb life.) What's the best way to reach the back of the durn thing to replace it? Remove the front wheel and then some of the wheel well shroud, or... ? (yes, I searched!) Also... has anyone...
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    Car alarm goes off randomly when I unlock the door.

    Do you have any idea what the time delay between the two needs to be? I have an aftermarket alarm - it sometimes, but not always, triggers the factory alarm when I unlock the doors. My previous aftermarket alarm had a second output that was wired to the "alarm disarm" line, and was...
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    Grey Banana plug?

    Previous post is absolutely correct. Do NOT try to connect the two antennas together. It cannot do anything but make things worse. Theoretically the diversity antenna, with a HU that is equipped for it, would help reduce "picket-fencing" and similar FM ills. It's not going to do much for AM...
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    Tail Lamp Failure Module Information

    Is there still any interest in this topic? I have a 92T with the LED center stop light, interested in modding my module for compatibility with LED replacements for the 1157's. The pictures at the beginning that show which Rs are R1 and R2 are no longer showing here. However the link to...