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  • whats your vacuum at idle?

    no offence but in that first vid your car sounds gutless, like you have a boost leak?
    What boost are you running?
    Tbh I'm using a fcd with an fcon, I cannot run without a fcd as I was hitting fuel cut at 7psi purely because of the airflow from mods, it could be just that for you too, although I don't know much bout the lex 550 mod i would think it should push fuel cut up some?

    Though it didn't sound healthy, it still sounds damn good mate :D
    Uhh not a clue as I never touched the lexus afm, I went with the fcon and 550 chip, I would gather that it would inhibit your ability to adjust the air to fuel mixture so if tuning with a safc or similar and your lexus is open too much you would have to do it all through the safc and hope you can trim it enough either way to get the afr's right. You're best to ask on the forum for those more educated in the lexus/550cc upgrade.
    Hello, sorry for late reply. I haven't been around these parts for ages. The gasket held up fine for 3 weeks, and then a rod broke. So I sold the whole thing.
    my car is factory painted and the tail lights; i just used light buffing compound to make them shine, as for the body i just knocked out a dent and did a light buff on the clear then wax at least every month or when there is time. i added a 87 turbo spoiler and matched the color. but its your car you can make it look like what every you want. i know ppl that have mustang tailights and mkiv supra tailights and body kits that make supras look like UFOs at night haha.
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