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  • Hey,

    Long time no chat. Is your project still afloat? Havent had a mark 3 in years, but always come back on the forums hoping to see updates of your car! Thanks

    - STeven
    What's up player? I feel like climbing on the PF Changs horse if you're free later on tonight.
    Hi there, I was trying to put my car in the for sale section and it would not let me post in it. I was wondering if you would maybe know why? It really sucks to have to sell the car but I'm broke and need the money, any help would be greatly appreciated.
    Hey Bryan, can you re-activate a thread for me? Its in my section and its too old for me to post to it.


    Andy Z
    Hello, i'm a new member, and recently posted in the introduction section, i've been asked for photos of my supras, i don't see a section for photos and don't want to post them in the wrong place, any chance of helping me out here please?
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