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    Allow me to formally reintroduce myself....

    Yes, that is definitely something I am pondering on doing to it when funds are sufficient. Just having the car itself will be enough to satisfy me for a while. :)
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    Allow me to formally reintroduce myself....

    Well I have an r154 transmission that is just sitting in my garage. I had planned to swap out the auto in my old car to a 5 speed until some drastic changes took place. I'm in no rush to tear the thing apart and do the things I want to it until much later. Only thing it will be used for is a...
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    Allow me to formally reintroduce myself....

    I've been away for quite some time since I had to get rid of my 87 Turbo Supra for next to nothing because of issues that came up while moving. It was the odd car out so it had to go. I regret getting rid of it for as cheap as I did and now I want to get back into one. I've had tons of life...
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    :O *nws*

    My opinion only certain girls can pull off having a lot of tats. Most of those girls are not one of them. Most need sun, need food or to drop some of the piercings. That shit is just not attractive.
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    how can someone do this to child

    One day he will shoot up or blow up a school. Lashing out on those that humiliate him.
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    :O *nws*

    Yea I love women with big bootys. Perfect example...
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    :O *nws*

    First girl has no booty at all and needs to grasp the concept of sunlight. Others are nice though.
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    Halp my friend Morrigan

    Blaze is hawt hawt hawt.
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    Do you guys feel weird when...

    Most people I talk to or meet know what the MK3 and MK4 are. So no dissapointed faces yet. Hot chicks dig the MK3 too.
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    Proof People Take The Internet Too Seriously

    They are just all a bunch of cry babies. I agree with some of the people that are posting. My saying is that any guy can get any girl at any given time, you just have to know what she wants and or be something she wants. They just haven't found the girl that wants them and sitting behind a...
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    Speed racer!

    I haven't watched it yet and prolly never will.... I don't think you can get a movie to have more special effects than that. IMHO too much special effects kills a movie.
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    Save this supra!!!

    Doesn't look too bad. I have the money for it but I have my 87 to worry about lol.
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    It's a girl!!! (Pictures added!)

    Re: It's a girl!!! Thank you. Yea it's rough and a lot of baby mama drama but it's worth it. These are of my girl and our daughter.
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    It's a girl!!! (Pictures added!)

    Re: It's a girl!!! Ok sorry everyone for the late pictures but I've been extremely busy lately. boy haha yea right
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    Are you gonna save, or spend rebate check?

    Not true. I let my father claim me and I'm 22. :P I just dont get a rebate and with the extra money he gets he gave me $1,000. Most is going to a rebuild while the rest I'm saving for my daughter.