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    ***SM member 1/4 mi. times list***

    Posting here even though the original post isn't getting updated :( Last year in October: 10.67 @ 134. 1.79 60'...need to get my launch down still. 7M on E85, Precision 6062 gen2, rebuilt A340E, 3000 stall, ProEFI, supporting mods.
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    BBK bias discussion

    Jesus Christ, every single MK3 thread since the beginning of time lists the hub bore as 60.1mm.
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    Differential Mount Captive Nut Repair

    89+ have reinforcement bars. I helicoiled my old one and there's only enough material in the subframe for two ish threads.
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    Differential Mount Captive Nut Repair

    If you have access to a spare subframe, it would be easier to use that. If you don't, your only option is to cut a hole and re-tack the captive nut to the subframe, then weld up the hole again. I went through this a few years ago, I went the used subframe route (for a variety of reasons, one of...
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    Water neck sensors thread pitch for plugs

    Ahh, I have an m16x1.5 in the cold start timer switch, a/c fan switch and aux fan switch sensors, they are all the same. Is the BVSV 3/8 BSPT or is it some other vague thread?
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    Water neck sensors thread pitch for plugs

    Report back with what size actually fits and doesn't leak. m12 seems too small, and I have my notes saying m16x1.5 fit.
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    Water neck sensors thread pitch for plugs

    There's been a few threads on this before, but they are not NPT and not BSPT, they are metric non-tapered thread. Most are M16x1.5, the big BVSV is something else (still unsure). I bought some NPT...
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    Alternator contact

    The nut looks like its missing, or did you take it off? Get the alternator rebuilt, there's a reason its smoked and I doubt its the portion of the stud you can see.
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    Suspension Rehabilitation

    The upper control arms don't have replacement ball joints because they hardly go bad. You need to replace the whole arm as a unit. Keep the stock arm (I'm sure its fine) and use poly throughout.
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    Tranny auto kick down cable setup for FFIM

    If you have a throttle pulley with multiple holes in it, just slide the barrel in and fab up a bracket to tighten the two nuts in between. It operates opposite the throttle cable though, so it'll be on the other side of the pulley. The line pressure cable pulls out at WOT, increasing line pressure.
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    eBay Fiberglass Regulus Rep. Header Panel

    Most carbon fiber stuff is not all carbon fiber...its 2-3 layers of fiberglass then a layer of carbon fiber on top for looks. Warping does happen with fiberglass parts depending on temperature/humidity and how thoroughly it was cured.
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    Crank and rod bearing help

    Buy online, crank bearing sets are a little under $200 from Toyota there. Local dealers are usually ripoffs.
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    When removing AC, is it necessary to reinstall the 3 tensioner bolts?

    They do nothing more than keep the cover on. I'd find shorter bolts just to keep it on.
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    Preferred diff ratio?

    Initially, I put on all the shims, measured depth after it was installed and compared it to what it needed to be...did the math and said 'I need x more shims'. After it got ground down, I put x amount of shims on and checked the pattern and it was pretty close. From there I adjusted shims...
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    Preferred diff ratio?

    You need to grind it down in order to get the pinion shims correct, yes. Otherwise you wont be able to install the lsd case because itll bump into the pinion. Unsure what he used but it wasnt a milling machine, it was a face grinder of some sort.