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  • hi i recieved an email that my account was now active, I am able to log in but not able to post a supra mk3 i was restoring but do to cancer and lost job I need to sell quick. I have over 12000 invested and trying to only get 3000 in so cal for it but it wont let me post. Is there something else I have to do or can you help me post this car on your forum. Thank you for your help Thomas DSillon 661-341-8160
    KS rewire kit ecu pins are the same size as the KS connector pins, DOH! lol Its okay, i got little flat heads and technique from converting pc fan pins to different connectors for newer motherboards over the years...
    Im here to find your build thread, i turned off sigs so i can navigate fastersss ;)
    Cheating would be easy. Register new accounts on new emails. Not really worth it. I even found a way to get your "level" up cheating a long time ago but I didn't do it more then a level because it was boring hah.
    No I saw how many you have ( 13 ). I have 7 and besides you I think I have the most. Which is why you have to be cheating! I know back when you made that thread I was still a mod I remember you only having one or two more then me at that point.
    Hey sorry to bother but I need a little help. I have posted a number of times to try and reach 20 posts to follow the rules so I can sell in the classified section of the site, but my counter is'nt going up. When I post its at least 2 sentences long if not longer, I dont know what to do please help?
    It's nice having the built trans info right on my vistor page so I don't forget if I ever have some money to blow. :)
    Would like approval to do a group buy. I have a very current thread on A/C R134 retrofit, in the General section. That has the detail of what I'd like to do. Basically, provide 30 parallel flow A/C condensors to members at cost + shipping. I am not seeking any profit, just worked out a deal for a specialized MKIII part that I know ppl will benefit from and appreciate (when it's 100 degrees this Summer).
    Hey whats up? I have a 89 Supra turbo in the Danbury CT area...thought I'd see who else is in CT
    Hi i'm pedro from puerto rico i have a supra turbo 1990 7mgte with some mods, i really want to fix it... I just had a crash on the dirver side and it's really bad so i have to replace the rear driver quater panel and the back panel can you please tell me where can i get it
    my e-mail is
    please try to answer me as soon as you can
    Shaeff: Please let me know your current recommendation of replacement of the stock boost gauge. I have looked at the posts for the Prosport and Megan Racing gauges.

    Hi Shaeff. I have 145 FS threads. Can you erase all 148 of them??? Thanks man.
    hi bro . yes that what im talking about, i cheaked all hte intercooler. pipes and all are still intact, u think that the manuel contole came lose , and need to be tightened again ?
    or is there any thing else i should ck diffrent then teh intercooler..? i fount the black 3'' i isumme that fits on the turbo house have a crack in it , it might be the problem ?
    Hi bro . how are u doing ?. i have 1 question , you remember i brought the turbo manuel that u send me the diagram how to install ? it was all good, and it was opening 8psi, and 2 days ago , teh psi dropped by it self to 6.. do u think i need to tighten it back ?
    or this is normal . it can get lose by it self and lose psi?
    hey my good friend , how are u doing ? i installed teh stright shaft adn its wonderfull . and know im changing teh HG with hks and arp bolts timing belt and water pump . u think i can ajdust teh turbo manuel that u told me about ? know im boosting 8psi , so how far can i go ?
    thanks in advance
    HI chris, how are u doing man ? hope all is fine ,
    i wanted to get a stright shaft , and i sow shaftmaster have and they are selling them for a good price,
    casue i have changed my u-joints and its vibrating a lot ater 60 miles p-h.
    have u been to this site were the guys on SM are talking about teh shaft?
    its a one piece and it dose not vibrate,
    if its good tell me so i can get it , thanks a lot
    Hey shaeff Im sort of new to the forums but Im in need of some help Ive been working on my supra for bit now and have run into some misfortune as well as many more folks with the economy the way it is. My question is that I have a gte motor that has been pretty much rebuilt from bottom up. I also have a NA supra that I was going to put it in. I am no longer able to continue my rebuild and dont want the motor to go to waste plus I need some extra cash now. I have eagle rods probe .040 pistons totally reworked head and all the machine work that was needed to short block the motor. My question is that I need to post a for sale add and cant. What do I do about getting it ok'd to post.


    hey shaeff im new to the forum and i bought a 91 supra n/a that i'm swappin in a 7m-gte... i have to motor already but i'm going to rebuild the motor (rings bearings seals pistons oil pump... basically rebuild it from ground up) anyway i know i need to get a mhg but im not sure what size i need to get. what size should i get? i'm plannin on upgradin the turbo and front mount intercooler. what else are some ideas for me to do? i'm deploying to iraq in april and my father will be working on the car while im done so basically im the middle man of the operation lol. anyway if you have any ideas or input i should know plz lemme know!
    Hey CHRIS, how are u doing hope asll is fine ,
    just wanted to tell u merry xmas to you and to your family , hope this comming year will be full of surprizes , lol take care bro,
    oh i did hit the gte instead, lol, sorry. i looked at my punctuation, i didnt see any that i missed......i be more carefull, sorry man. :)
    hi chis, i was looking on SM AND I CAME ACROSS UR CAR AND THE WORK U ARE DOING TO IT , MAN Y ARE REALLY BRAVE , abd thats why u are always busy . amazing job , cant wait for it to be done , take care bro ,
    i have send u an email and with 2 pic. casue i found two types, one comes borded and the there one comes with two holes,
    and will it hurs the engine ?
    and i think i need to change the boost guage correct?
    hey bro , how are u, want to the meeting and it was nice , not a lot of cars but i got some ideas.
    was wondering about the LIPP Turbo Elbows. youthink it will help with boost? and will it hurt the engine that i have ?
    thanks in advance ,
    just wondering what to get for xmas as a gift for my car, between a 60-1 turbo or an elbow ,
    Hey shaef, sorry to bother you again, but i'm debating between just fixing my head gasket on my 7m and all the oil leaks or just save up and do a 2jz swap? I know it might save me a little more money to fix the 7m, but it's been my dream to have a 2jz motor just because i can't afford a mkiv. But with your experiences with the 7m motor, would you say it's reliable enough to make 500hp+ and being a daily driven car? Well, what would you suggest?
    hi , mr chris, how are u doing , havent heard from you for a long time ,
    hope every thing is going on fine , with no problems , just wanted to say hi , and hope every thing is good ,
    Hey shaef, has there been anyone who's done a mkiv brake caliper conversion on mkiii supras? The calipers that has supra embedded on the caliper. If there has, can you direct me to the thread or fill me in on what i need to do?
    Hey shaef, i was just curious about the mkiii supra turbo camshaft and na camshaft. i noticed that the na camshaft had bigger lobes. Now, what i want to know is, will it be a good idea to swap turbo cams to the na cams, or will the na cams not handle much power and eventually give up?
    hey whats up shaeff i am trying to put some stuff up for sale and sm says i dont have priveleges how do i get them much thanks drifter wannabe
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