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  • Hi Seth, I'm looking to get some ls400 caliper brackets for my mk3, I would like to know the price?
    hi man i need the billet alternator and a/c relocator for the 7mgte what its the price shipped to puerto rico 00987

    the 2jzge ffim. do you have any pictures on fitment on a mk3 chassis for brake booster clearance and such? also do you have results on flow testing them too?

    This is something im also interested in but i haven't found results on flow test yet.
    The thread on supraforums that supposedly was going to test it was a flop.

    Thank you,
    Adam M Grantz
    feel free to email if you choose so at
    Very interested in the ffim for my 91 7mgte, how to purchase and will it fit a mx83 cressida with a/c thanx my email
    Hi Seth
    You may not have received my earlier mail regarding the alternator brackets I am chasing. I know you are also very busy.
    I would like to purshae one of your alternator / power steering bracket sets.
    Can you send me a price?
    Email is

    Hey sethron, I was told that you have the key to my problem from supra forum. I need to get from you the alt. bracket that you make for the 7mgte with a FFIM and the bracket for the throttle cable. I bought the FFIM on ebay with the VQ45 throttle body and survyor2 told me to hit you up for what im looking for. Hit me back when you can. Thanks
    Hey seth im interested in your alternator relocation kit have money and ready to buy shipping to 47421 my email is

    Spoke with Glen last week(Soundslikemi87) He said your makin him a FFIM. I would be VERY interested in one of these for my project. Do you need a core? Do you have a price to give me? Does this come with a drop down for the Alt? Do you know your lead time? Does this utilize the stock throttle body?
    I appreciate your patience in my questions.
    BTW Im a fabricator an Welder myself. Is there is anything I can do ahead Of time that may help lower the cost of the manifold?
    hey, a customer of mine bought one of your intakes and i have some questions.

    what throttle cable and belt are you using on your intake manifolds? also, what about the lower alt bracket?
    im putting one of your intakes on a customers car and it did not come with any of this stuff.

    thanks, cullen
    I've been wondering the same thing. Trust everything is good with you and that you are
    just busy with work. I know you said you were just going to drive your car for awhile
    before starting another project, but what's next?
    Hey Seth, 18lbs. @ 3500 is great! Glad to know you are making good progress. Sounds
    real good about renting the dyno time. Let me know how your schedule goes and we
    can get together for some work-fun. Talk to you later.
    Cordially, Fred
    Hey Seth, been following your posts, how is your car coming? Was the dyno run this
    weekend or is it next? Are you ready? Hope all is going smoothly.
    Cordially, Fred
    Hey Seth, if you have time take a look at the thread I posted: Lights Action Dead and let me know what you think the problem might be. I still can't figure out how or why touching
    the alternator with the metal idle up pipe would cause a spark jump. I would think the
    alternator would be grounded to prevent that from happening.
    Thanks for any reply, hope you are having a great time with your family this weekend.
    hey man, just went lookin for ron again to see if hes ever going to start back up with his FFI kits. ive been trying to get one from him for years now! he just never seems to be back in the game with it, i noticed a long while back you were trying to do your own too,

    do you happen to still do it? and if so, how much and what do i need to send you, im really trying to get this conversion done soon, lol waitin for ron has been agonizing, he says he is settin up a new shop but thats all i hear from him concerning the ffi.

    thanks alot

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