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    Ground/Power connection - short or normal?

    In my Sup, battery is relocated to hatch an the circuit breaker is off. 2JZ-GTE swapped with Tweak universal harness. On the GF's '91, everything normal, 'cept 2JZ-GE swap (modified SC300 harness). No real issue, 'cept I dunno that there shoud be any continuity between groun & power...
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    Ground/Power connection - short or normal?

    I am finding that there are a couple of circuits, which appear o have a short, but maybe aren't. The Headlight fuses in the bay's fusebox, have continuity to ground. I thought it was just me and took front harness out and went over it real well. I also replaced the dash harness and there's...
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    HELP: Intermittent fuse/ wiring Issue- 88 MA70

    That was the issue (hopefully). Just enough of a short to have continuity between ground & power, but not enough to blow the fuses. I traced it to the headlight circuit, then the symptom travelled to the dome, horn-haz, and other fuse at the fusebox. I traced the whole front body harness...
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    HELP: Intermittent fuse/ wiring Issue- 88 MA70

    Bump from way back... I am having a similar issue. Anyone else? Any resolutions?
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    Fog Light Rewire Problem

    Blown away! Had no clue this was available. Thank you!
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    Fog Light Rewire Problem

    BUMP... I'm having to re-take a look at my rewire work from 7 years ago... I am in disbelief of how simple this looks to be, to accomplish the mod (Canadian running lights). Basically keeping on the fog circuit, Canadian trim. What gives? Has anyone done this mod, by just re-pinning or...
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    2jz vvti mk3 harness help

    U can also tone it out or trace, to make sure you have the right signal identified. For instance, below is where the reverse light signals should terminate on the harness (to the MKIII dash). M1 PLUG: Pin #1 R/B wired to W at tranny connector (Reverse lights). Pin #2 Y wired to B at tranny...
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    Dual Projectors

    Anything? Anyone?
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    Dual Projectors

    Is this all that I'd need to do this mod? I want the sleepy-eye look, with full brightness/benefits, etc. If I fab up a housing like this, and put where the reg sealed beam goes, is that it? Please LMK the specific "basic" steps to doing it this way... 1. Acquire _____ headlights (source)...
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    2jz vvti

    U can run w/o the cam cover, however, there is an o-ring in the intake cam gear, which could leak (slingin' oil all over your engine bay). I have a spare front/cam gear cover somewhere (email me The valve covers should be easy enough to find on Craiglist for cheap.
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    1.5jz tps signal issues

    Like said earlier... verify the TPS wiring to the ECU (tone it out) to make sure that they are not backwards (which is equal to the 100% open).
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    Dropping the rear subframe

    The metal sleeves are 2-piece, so just cut/break the rubber in between. I tapped a flathead all the way thru the bushing and it loosened enough to tap the whole thing out. If I remember right, there's a lip on the metal so you have to tap them out from the bottom maybe. Been awhile (never...
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    2jz vvti alternator

    The only diff I know of is w/the amperage, NAs compared to a 2JZ-GTE. NAs should be the same and as long as the harness connector fits (round or oval), they are interchangeable. Can't remember which one, but there's a 10A difference I think. Good luck.
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    1UZ Swap: Basic Obstacles and Overview

    I am putting an SC300 engine/harness into an MKIII. Do you have the wiring map for what you did for all the dash connections/signals? The harness and dash connectors are very similar (tho I plan to keep my SC400 intact).