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  • Hey david, where did you get your cylinder head done at or did you do it yourself? I want to rebuild mine but it looks like alot of shit to go through. If you had yours done at a shop how much did you pay. I think i remember you had it done somewhere just cant remember.
    Hey san supra.....gotta ?. Have u ever heard of using lexus is is300 coil packs on the supra? i read an article where they r getting crazy response from the coils. extra 2-10lbs of boost on stock turbo!!!
    Hey David, I was referred to a place that supposedly can repack that HKS muffler, and put a new metal casing on it. I'm going to check it out tomorrow and see what the guy charges. It's one of those cheapie tire&muffler shops on the west side. If it's reasonable I'll get that done.
    Hey SanSupra i remember you saying that you have some head gaskets. I'm trying to piece together two engines to make one. much did you say for the Felpro head gasket. I think i'll try that for now to get on the road. Also would you happen to have a set of ARP head bolts? if you do how much? Call me @ 385-5636 or just hit me back here.
    I would set your timing for a turbo car. You are using the turbo CPS right? I am not sure what the base timing is for a N/A, but for the turbo you need to jump T and E1 and set the base to 10.
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