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  • Hey you pmed me about the Supra. Your inbox is full though. Text me if you want 775-240-613nine. Thanks.
    I'm paying through PayPal. What's the vouch for. I want parts I could care less about supramania. Bu 70dreams with back me up. Please confirm ASAP this supramania PM is hella annoying lol.. Please bro.
    Okay done! List them as sold i will send payment tomorrow morning! Please send me your PayPal info, also do you have all the moldings to the car?
    Hey, Clear your PM inbox. I am trying to PM you back but it is full. Please let me know when you empty it so we can talk. Or if you want to call or text me to make this deal my number is 5154012299.
    Do you still have the trans? i would love to have it but i dont know if you feel like shipping it to Tucson, AZ... Let me know, i would just need the trans, nothing else.
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