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  • Hey Bennie! It has been a long time haha.. The project is coming along good and have some CF coming in soon. Still working on the suspension at the moment. You still have your MK4?
    Thanks Bennie. Just checked out BBK and seen the aftermarket race and street brake components. Will add to the list as that should be a priority... LOL. ;-)
    Wow, you have a big heart Tim, bringing teens together!!! BTW, don't forget the brakes and wheels if you plan that fast :p. BBK from Wilwood seems to be very nice. My buddy has those and they work great!!!
    Just to let a few of you know I have already ordered parts for the 1JZGTE and its in the machine shop. Everything ordered is new starting with Hypertune intake kit with fuel rail & 90mm throttle body, 5 bolt TMS cam gears and TMS cams 264's, BC valves springs, CP piston kit .20 over, Oil pump, Water pump, Pulley kit, ATI crank pulley damper, Greddy timing belt and tensioners, and gasket kit. R154 built by Marlin Crawler. I have the Precision T4 turbo ball bearing 6262 .84 A/R divided housing quick spool valve with open flange exhaust on 1000cc injectors. Also have the Pro-Efi 128 box kit with color can display and E-85 package. Andrew from Supramania is a good guy to deal with and has quality parts. Also Reid from SP Racing has quality parts and Aaron from Driftmotion has helped out a lot for parts. Main focus is finding ways to speed up this project and share it with the teens at church. Hope to turn this project into something bigger to bring more teens together is my goal. ;-)
    That is good news Mike that your closer to Topeka and your getting that head for the 7M cleaned up! I'll catch up with you sometime soon. By the way, the head for the 1JZGTE is taking some time as it takes several hours for just one port to get ported/polished. RBgarage is doing the work for me and so far he said its been the hardest one he's done because the exhaust runners are so long and the ports are so small. Its going to take some time but well worth it. The e-mailed me and said port and polish is not necessary for the 1J unless you plan on doing over 800hp. I have a hard time believing that as it should help in any hp range. Will give you a call soon Mike and take care! ;-)
    hey hows it going so im living in lawrence now a bit closer than before right now im going through the process of metal headgasket and hone the walls and clean the valves then the bottom bearings and praying that it all goes well lol hit me up
    Hahaha Tim, what's up bro? I've been super busy lately with work and collecting parts for the 97' and I have no time for the 92' for now :( How is your black 92' going?
    Hey Mike,
    Would like to get the 1J done soon but I really depend on these guys in KC to help me with it. I met them a few days back and they really have it together and was amazed at the work they have accomplished with their own Supra's.
    Thanks Bennie and your pic looks good! LOL... Your MK4 looks good to. ;-)
    Would like to see some pics of your white 92 MKIII 7MGTE!!!
    Finally found some good guys that are willing to work out a good deal with me in trade for my 7MGTE and R154. So now let the transformation begin. lol... ;-)
    I have the engine and trans on Craigs-list in Kansas City under parts. There has been a few calls and I've been offered 1000 for everything and thats fine. Will probably do that and let all the spare Supra parts go such as extra trans and driveshaft. Hope someone from the forum gets it first.
    Hey I was wondering if you would be interested in a trade see if that guy buys that engine from u for a grand he's getting a damn good deal I want that turbo and afm if you want to work something out
    For sale is my 7MGTE engine 62 trim upgraded CT26, 5 speed manual R154 transmission stage 3 clutch with GReddy full auto timer and LS400 AFM. Everything is currently in the car and runs great. You are more than welcome to test drive before we pull everything out. Car runs really strong and engine oil was changed every 2,000 miles. Engine has 200k. Just to let you know how reliable this car was, I drove it over 19 hours from Baltimore MD. to Topeka KS. Car wanted to keep going and I wanted to sleep!

    I am doing the 1JZGTE engine and trans swap soon so please let me know asap if you are interested. I do not have a specific sale price in mind but who ever can give me their best reasonable offer then we can get it pulled out and loaded up for you. If not I will put it in the local paper. I thought it would be a good idea to let the members on this forum to have first pick at it.

    Like I said, come and test drive it before we pull it because I know you won’t be disappointed. Thanks.
    Have the 1JZGTE and almost went with the 2J but most of the forums seemed to lean to 1J. Anyone who wants to make 500 to 600hp can do that with the 1JZGTE. If that was not enough power and I wanted to spend more money then 2JZGTE would of been an option. More pics to come of the Black on Black Turbo MKIII 1992 5-speed beast...Thanks to (Volvospy).

    Information on how I bought the JDM engine and 5 speed in the picture albums.

    Plans in the near future for getting this 1JZGTE running better. Any suggestions/input is appreciated and considered.
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