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    Miekedmr's build thread

    Any updates?
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    San antonio

    Hey guys how you doing.. Anyone driving their car still? I recently started driving my 91 again and gonna try to get antique plates soon
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    "91 Supra vs. 2010ish E class Benz in the twisties...

    Nice hanging in with the AMG man. some euro cars handle incredibly well considering their weight. With some wider tires, Sway bars, shocks+springs and you will be amazed at how quick your car will take the turns. I actually have a few aftermarket suspension parts im looking to get rid of...
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    did i get ripped off?

    I had to trim most of the black box to get the fuel rail to fit. I used plastic wiring loom to protect the wires that were left exposed. Its not all that difficult, just have to mock up and trim as you go.
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    1jz flywheel and clutch

    if you plan on dailying the car, keep in mind a lightweight flywheel is no fun in stop and go traffic.Especially going uphill. The extra weight that the stock flywheel has adds inertial weight to the crank so when the clutch engages the rpms dont drop as much as with a lighterweight. Although...
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    2JZ AEM EMS into 1JZ Fuel Questions

    That is how I have mine jumped on my harness, it works. Maybe your injector phasing in AEM is incorrect?
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    map ecu with 1jzgte

    did you calibrate your tps signal input? Put your car key into the ON position but dont turn the car on. goto edit> ecu config and under TPS config. press i on the idle space. then floor it and press i on the maximum scale. try it and see if it worked.
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    2JZ AEM EMS into 1JZ Fuel Questions

    the 1jz harness has the injectors grouped into 3 pairs. Did you run individual wires for each injector back to the aem unit?
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    standard tranny on a automatic 2jzgte?

    Yes, you use a 1jz bellhousing and clutch/flywheel
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    need help deciding next step to my suspension upgrades

    if you have the whiteline front bar I would go for a matching whiteline rear or a tanabe rear (the tanabe is stiffer, so youll have a tiny bit oversteer when you want it). From my experience: I bought a whiteline rear sway bar and kept the stock front, I drove around on the softest setting...
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    R154 With W58 Slave?

    Looks like a custom push-pull converter for use with twindisk/ multidisk clutches. Unless you have the appropriate clutch for it you're going to have to find a stock fork and hub.
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    1JZGTE Build, need help, shooting for 450 to wheels

    The 1jz is extremely reliable for 450wheel, you'll have fast spool with a medium sized turbo and it will easily handle that on stock headgasket/internals. If the engine is clean when you get it, I wouldn't bother rebuilding it. Theres multiple upgrade paths you can take, but fortunately 450whp...