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    Help please. Crank, no start

    kinda long shot, but checked your fuses?
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    Clear courtesy door lenses

    they were a bit smaller, but not noticeable. i have white led in mine.
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    Clear courtesy door lenses

    all i did was take the trunk light cover ans switched them. (obviously i bought another clear trunk light cover for the other side)
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    What maintenance would you do immediately after purchase, no matter what?

    when i bought my supra, i did all the fluids, (power steering, oil, transmission, diff, clutch) then i bought a bare block and worked on it for about a year before my turbo blew. right timing you could say. now im doing all my suspension arms.
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    Horn don't work (aftermarket) and shifter probs?

    yea i think we need some ideas for this
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    Control Arm Install Question.

    if you are doing the upper control arms you dont need to take off the sway bar links. jack it up and torque it from there.
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    awesome!! tried to find these on but its all removed, if you dont mind me asking, what happened to you on
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    connecting vf meter (ECU pinout)

    nevermind, found it. connects to vf1 to check connector
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    connecting vf meter (ECU pinout)

    hey, im wanting to connect a vf meter and was wondering if anyone knows where to connect it to. check connector has vf1 and vf2, but ECU pinout only has VF (check connector) im wanting to connect it to the ecu, if that possible, its for a 1991 wiring. anyone know...
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    Really bad leak

    when i installed a clutch (i mean new engine swap) placed back the old driveshaft on and the seal was bad,prob a one time use. replaced and no more leaks
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    How it's made

    dont know if this will help but, i have a safc2 and it kinda fits perfectly so i just pushed it in till its snug. you could find something plastic and cut how big the faceplate is on the evc so it looks clean.
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    so what makes a bov louder??

    heres a trick u can do to make it louder :naughty:
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    boost leak tester

    hey, i have read the boost leak tester and theres some things that i dont get first is- i know you put it over the inlet of the turbo, but wont that go out the exhaust/manifold area? second-will this test vacuum hoses as well? third- this only tests intercooler pipes and intercooler itself...
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    700hp 7m MK3! - Dyno Pull Video Inside!

    lol there are sites that you use to bypass sites that they blocked. sites were blocked on the first day and we bypassed all sites on the second day and recirculated throughout the school damn, that supra sounds mean! 7MGTE!! finally, lol
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    ht da apx supra mkiii owner

    hey, just looking at supra pictures and i found one that seems very very interesting, especially the stance. if anyone knows whos it is, please reply, thanks sorry if this is the wrong place to start a new thread