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    Yo.... Yes, that is correct. Going to FL. Follow what my Paypal says to ship it to.

    Thank you.
    Hi, I sent you a PM last night wanting to know the price for a 3" SS Catback for my 87' Turbo, I was wondering if you received it? Thanks
    Somewhere here i heard you guys made a turbo back set up with a magnaflow 3" in and twin 4" out for a mk3 turbo 7m how did it sound and can i make one again? No cat just tst and downpipe
    Binxy69...I sent you a PM. There's a chap in the UK organizing group shipping through me for ES bushings. I don't' have the link but check out your pm and get back to me if you need more info.
    Hi, could you quote me on a full poybush kit for a 1991 ma70 7mgte supra manual with shipping to TN39 3EQ in the UK? I was forwarded to you from the people at mkiiisupra.net.

    Cheers, Jim
    Soupra, in the next few days I'm going to be posting my parts catalog so keep your eyes open for that.

    Duane, thanks again...glad the parts got to you in time...enjoy.
    Customer service is the best I've seen in a loooong time and then to top it off, the shipping time was awesome!

    Thanks bud!

    hey i was wondering if could make a custon muffler email me
    nygfernandes@hotmail.com i can send you a picture

    I'm sooo sorry my friend; I've just been going nuts since just before the Montreal Supra Meet. I'm in Michigan now on business but I promise to your pm and let you know.

    GSW; I didn't even see your post here. I'll send you a PM too; sorry guys time has been kicking my behind lately.
    i send you a pm to know if you can have exaust to 2jzgte andif yes what is price from each and witch builder (hks, apexi, ....)
    i'm interested by PIMP Part Clear Timing Cover 2pcs

    what is the price of this product (shipping included)

    i really need quickly upper rad pipe samco in blue
    please send me invoice
    my paypal adress

    it's good to me to buy you upper rad pipe samco in blue
    send me invoice to upper rad pipe samco (in blue please) to my supra 7mgte an shiping (70us$)
    i need product asap please
    when i received invoice from paypal i pay immediatly

    my paypal adress is

    my shipping adresse is
    cge distribution pour mathieu andre
    20 rue du generale delestraint
    zi de vaux le penil
    77000 melun

    thanks a lot my friends
    if you have sticker from your shop you can give me two to my car
    Fred: as mentioned in the post those will be $394 shipped. Paypal address is: payments@raptorracing.com . Please let me know if you have any other questions.
    George, I want to follow up on our conversation from Sat. I would like to order
    White Line sway bars from you. 30mm adjustable front and 22mm adjustable rear.
    Thanks, Fred-aka SWD Fredester 3
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