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    Help! Supra doesn't run right

    I had to go to ACE hardware just for that type of Craftsman socket when I did mine. I do not recall Home Depot having a individual sockets for sale especially the 12 point 14mm style but Lowes carries Craftsman now and might have it. If you are lucky and have a Sears near by then they will have...
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    Another 7M ground up build

    If another group buy was to go around from anyone here then I would also be interested in a 7m torque plate. The trusted organizer should collect a flat rate "non-refundable deposit" for the truly interested people up front, make a list of the minimum people needed including those who had paid a...
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    One last build thread

    That subframe turned out great and your carpentry work looks top notch too, very good detail. My house is built in 1901 and I always admire the old carpentry work from when that house was built as it was a real skilled trade that almost all carpenters had back then. Most so called carpenters I...
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    7mge internals with 60-1 turbo how much boost can I run?

    Try . It searches junkyards all over the US and will show prices most of the time for parts but sometimes you have to call the junkyard that has the part. Sometimes ebaymotors will have a gas tank for sale but shipping costs can be quite high.
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    Anyone reupholster a mk3 completely?

    It is not a Supra but in my Lexus GS300 I added a black suede like material from Michael's to the upper half of my interior. This material was a bit tricky to work with on curves so make sure your material you find has some stretch to it especially if you are doing a dash. I would also make sure...
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    Bought some precision engineering 1200cc 14mm injectors for my 7mgte build, having trouble finding a fuel rail. Can i just drill the stock to 14mm?

    I never seen anyone modify a stock 7m fuel rail for 14mm injectors. I have seen 14mm to 11mm injector adapters but then you have to modify where the fuel rail sits for the extra space needed. I personally think your best bet would be just to find the right 11mm injectors since good aftermarket...
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    7MGTE Ignition system functionality breakdown and questions. PLEASE HELP

    I know when I got my 1st remain CPS unit from A1 Cardone a wire inside the unit would short out and touch the CPS metal housing. It would only cause problems when the engine warmed up which was the weird part then the Supra would turn off and just crank over and not start when fully warmed up...
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    Happy Holidays

    Happy holidays to you too and everyone else here.
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    Rip vansupra aka Don from vancover

    Sorry to hear about that. I bought some Supra parts from him 2 years ago for my build and he was a great person to do business with. RIP
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    Another 7M ground up build

    I would just run a thicker 2.0mm headgasket so you can take some extra material off. On my JDM 7m block the coolant ports were very pitted and I could tell from the cooling system the motor was sitting for a bit and exposed when I got it. After the machine shop decked the block there was still...
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    Mk3 drivers window switch. Same all years?

    Yes, that is the early style window switch you have pictured.
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    Mk3 drivers window switch. Same all years?

    Yes they will fit all years but there is a difference in the style of buttons if you are picky. The earlier mk3 years were more square with small lines in them and the later mk3 years were more curved shaped and flat to the touch. If you are having problems I highly recommend you take both the...
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    wilsonsan ma70 to jza70 build

    Beautiful job Wilson. Everything flows nicely and looks well placed.
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    Mk3 forums dead..miss the good times

    I do miss those active days also. You need a answer on a new thread, usually done within minutes. How about needing to buy a Supra part in the wanted to buy section? You usually had multiple part offers within a hour or two from people parting out their Supra or from having extra parts laying...
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    Recommended replacement heater core?

    Personally I would just leave it alone and make sure to run Toyota red coolant with the proper distilled water mix but if the Supra has very high miles might that change my opinion. Just my 2 cents.