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    Considering an MKIII, any advice?

    Is the vehicle a manual?
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    Maintenance costs of an MK3 Supra?

    These cars at this age are usually going to need some kind of maintenance. 12 Years ago the Supra was my first vehicle and I daily drove it for 5 years but back then tons of parts were available at the dealer and used parts were plentiful at good prices, not so much now-a-days. I did the...
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    Hello from Canada

    Welcome. Kinda intresting seeing how it looks now as the rear trim was removed. How has it been driving for you so far?
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    Engine Oil Cooler Line

    It is 3/8" . This is the listing I used when I did my rebuild in 2017 but you can also buy that size by the foot at your local autoparts store too...
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    Help with Digital Cps setup

    What standalone are you using? Did you adjust your settings in your tuning software for the new hall effect sensor?
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    1986.5 Supra Restoration Project

    That is awesome you were able to straighten out that title issue. I could imagine there was probably a lot of steps involved and you probably could write a book out of trying to re-register it. I would start a fresh build thread in the "build-up/gallery" section if you do not have one already...
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    Best Windshield as of 2019?

    A used late model oem windshield works great. From the few aftermarket windshields I seen on the mk3 Supra some do not have the black trim around the glass (so you do not see the dash/interior side pillars edges and/or the sealer used). Also the top tint could be a miss also with the aftermarket...
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    Figgie's build: Project Rodknox

    Not too bad. I like that Tesla screen concept you are working on. When are you going going to attach the Tesla batteries and electric drive motor to the mk3 Supra as I really would like to see someone make a electric mk3 Supra?
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    Side trim clip

    Nice Job Piratetip, glad to see you were able to find a OEM replacement.
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    Dealer Video of a 1992 Teal MK3 with 12k Miles

    Looks like the one Miguel filmed about a year ago:
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    Full 3" exhaust install

    I use a regular craftsman 14mm wrench on the closed end side for those nuts but I can get it from the top. You should also look into stubby wrenches which work good for something like this.
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    Steering wheel restoration

    Very nice. Is this the site you ordered from? I need this service done to my 87 Supra steering wheel bad but I want to keep the gray matching.
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    Side trim clip

    For double sided tape I use the 3m before but the extreme strong rated version which I got from Home Depot. I used that in the past on my rear window sun visor for the 4 mounting brackets to the glass and I have used it again when I mounted it to the 86 Supra. Works very well...
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    Help! Supra doesn't run right

    You sure do got your hands full, glad to see you are still around and making progress on everything.
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    Energy Suspension - Rear Control Arm Poly Kit Information

    I knew that was going to happen to mine also. I paid a shop to remove them and about 3 hours later all 4 pressed in bushings were replaced. They had to use a induction heat tool which heated up everything very nicely along with a impact air chisel and a few other tools. The rear is much more...