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    Two Supras Obtained Today.

    I have seen worse pitting on the block around the cooling jackets but as long as you deck the block at the machine shop it should take care of it. You are decking the block at the machine shop right?
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    Another 7M ground up build

    I did stop by the Bumper to Bumper autopart store and checked in with Scott to see how everything was going at the machine shop. He was actually working on your 7m motor which is looking very nice: Can't wait to see this blank canvas come together when you get it back :)
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    Brake pedal feel/ABS module questions

    If you already have the ABS system then I would personally keep it installed. Pull the ABS codes and report back to us:
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    Front Subframe Bushing Install Video | StrongFlex Subframe Bushings

    Awesome video. Gotta tackle this job one day...
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    What has the world come to!!!!

    Everyone has their own strategy but unless you are a day trader, dividend investing can be a good way to get started. I would just tell you never go all in the markets with your money and always keep money on the sidelines ready for sales and dips (like how it has been now). In housing it's...
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    What has the world come to!!!!

    I been picking up shares here and there like a chicken picking up bread crumbs lol. That is one good thing about dividend investing as long as you invest in solid dividend paying companies with good history, then you can ride out the dips or bear markets. To name few of my favorite tickers for...
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    I take no joy in doing this, but AVOID Shit service and the dude owes me my harness or money, and he refuses to respond.

    Very sorry to hear about your experience with them. If they owe you money then I would see if you can talk to your credit card company you paid with to see if they can step in. I ordered twice from them in 2017 and 2018 and even back then it took like a month to get my first $200 order worth of...
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    eraezer - Supra MK3 -89 -Swedish Build

    lol, you already know. Always drop a like before the video starts especially for the Supra community members :)
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    eraezer - Supra MK3 -89 -Swedish Build

    Watching every video, keep that build coming along...
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    Are you looking for a stock turbo, upgraded stock turbo or a aftermarket turbo kit?
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    Another 7M ground up build

    I hope so. I am way overdue for a proper Supra meet...
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    Gen 4 3sgte injectors in a 7M

    I was going to go this route originally but that idea changed fast since I also wanted to run e85 and have wiggle room for more power later on which is why I ended up going with 1200cc injectors for my power goals. I found out about these injectors out from talking to another Supra owner in the...
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    Thin wall 12pt. 14mm...

    I got mine from Ace Hardware locally.
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    Tein Flex Z Coilovers for 1989 Supra

    No problem. No modifications needed at all, these drop right in as if they were factory shocks. Since these are adjustable, I still put my rear speaker covers on but I do not use that 1 Phillips bolt so I can remove them easily to make adjustments. You also can use the TEIN EDFC (Electronic...
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    Charlie, PA. 88 Targa, 7mgte

    Welcome Charlie, nice Supra. I hope you share your rebuild progress with us along the way.