Lake County, IL
Home Country
United States
Model Year
1986.5 (MKIII)
7M-GTE (Big Single)
R154 (5 Speed)
Engine Parts:

Ishino gasket set
Cometic metal head gasket
AZ Performance oil pump hard line
BC 264 camshafts
COMP 975 valve springs
Sound Performance Precision 6262 bolt-on turbo
Gates Racing timing belt + KOYO timing belt tensioner
clear timing cover
ARP head studs
ARP main studs
Fidanza cam gear set
Remain A1-Cardone CPS unit
CPS cover
Cps magnet mod
Gates coolant hose set
Eagle rods w/ARP bolts
Wisco pistons
AZ Performance EGR block-off plate set
7m heater outlet pipe kit
Clevite bearing set
polyurethane motor mounts
Drift Motion intercooler kit
oil catch can
oil pump
water pump

Fuel & Electronics:

ECU Masters standalone
AEM air/fuel gauge + wide-band
ethanol content sensor
Marshall fuel pressure gauge
WHP fuel pressure sensor
1200cc Precision Turbo low independence fuel injectors
Aeromotive fuel pressure regulator
Walbro 450 (F90000274) fuel pump
Magna fuel filter
GM intake air temp sensor
Blue Sea 5045 fuse block holder
31' of AN6 PTFE stainless steel fuel line
AN6 fittings x28
Acura Legend fuel injector resistor box

Transmission & Drivetrain:

Clutch Master FX400 clutch kit
rebuilt differential
Shaft Masters aluminum driveshaft
stainless steel clutch line
ARP flywheel bolts
lightweight steel flywheel
slave cylinder
clutch fork
throwout bearing
pilot bearing
master cylinder
OEM shift knob
shift boot
lower speedo cable

Suspension & Steering:

outer tie rod set
power steering filter
power steering pump rebuild kit
power steering belt
Energy sway bar bushing set
remain rack & pinion
Owned Generations
PlayStation Network ID


2004 Lexus GS300 - Daily Driver 1986.5 Toyota Supra - Turbo Converted Summer Cruiser
1987 Toyota Supra Turbo - parted out * 1991 Toyota Supra Turbo - parted out * 1987 Toyota Supra N/A - sold * 1987 Toyota Supra Turbo - parted put
Updated 2020 - Full 7mGTE Rebuild + More:


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