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    Rear subframe bushing (SuperPro) question(s).

    I don't recall having any spacing issues when I installed mine. There was enough threads left to tighten without deforming or having clearance issues. An extra washer was not required on mine. Is the captured bolt within the subframe pulling out or deforming? Just an idea. (Being ripped out...
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    Phoenix's 7mgte barn find

    The ground wire pictured there is for the coil packs IIRC..
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    Camshaft setting front seal - two options?

    Pretty much the case with all positive lip seals. They are all outsourced to a few main 1st tier automotive suppliers. NOK is what you are going to find on most of these style seals.
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    Fuel filter

    How much rust is on the lines/fittings and surrounding brackets and bolts? I would replace it, especially since you are already doing maintenance / work in that area. But like you said, don't turn it into more work than it's worth unnecessarily.
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    Abe's first ma70 1jzgte swap

    Yeah it's a 3" Magnaflow with an extra layer of metal for thermal shielding. Don't remember exactly what model but very similar to this one. I welded on my own 2 bolt 3" flanges.
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    Abe's first ma70 1jzgte swap

    I'd run a CAT. I ran without one for awhile, couldn't stand the smell all the time. Was awful. Now that I have a CAT again it's very very nice. Also sized large enough where it's not a hindrance or choking any power at the levels I run.
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    Figgie's build: Project Rodknox

    Well that's why we have daily drivers :) The Supra sits on stands broken half the year. Well hopefully not, but reality always sets in. :)
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    Figgie's build: Project Rodknox

    That's a shame...
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    Mk3 ABS Manual Trigger (for bleeding brakes)

    Its a good idea. There is a factory service tool that is designed to do exactly what you have done. It manually activates the ABS pump. I almost bought one a couple years ago when one popped up for sale, but figured I would never use it more than a couple times in my lifetime... :D PN...
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    92nsx's supra build

    Yeah some of us are still around. You are burning a LOT more fuel now! :)
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    92nsx's supra build

    Sold! For shame! Long time, what's new?
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    Rear subframe bushing and suspension bushing project.

    Been there. I had to cut all of my control arm Cam bolts. Every single one siezed solid to the bushing. Not fun.
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    Upgrading and Maintaining

    I think I found it. Old post from @Jeff Lange Copy paste from Supraforums: ______________________________ The A340E used 4.30:1 on N/A's, 3.91:1 on 87-88 Turbos and 3.73:1 on the 89-92 Turbos, so yes Toyota did match the...
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    Upgrading and Maintaining

    @Jeff Lange would be a good one to pull in for the driven/drive gear ratios discussion.
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    Upgrading and Maintaining

    I could have sworn I posted somewhere all the driven and drive gear combinations needed for each gear ratio... I went through all this before, but now I can't find the record of it. Need to search more...