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    Electric speedo solution?

    Did anyone ever get this to work?
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    Anyone try the Retro-Spec Pre-89 front lip?

    Hmmmm, any idea of when they will be available? I would like to have one soon
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    2014 Annual Philly Supra Meet - Sunday, May 25th..Memorial Day Weekend

    Count me in if it is still going to happen
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    Post your Pre-89 bumper thread

    Does anyone know what this bumper is?
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    7MGTE AEM EMS V1 help

    Thanks. I do have a manual transmission and also forgot to include a 255LPH fuel pump in original list of mods. If you are able to export your tune, I have a concern. It appears that your car is an 89+. that uses a different EMS (30-1130). Do you know if it will still work?
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    7MGTE AEM EMS V1 help

    I am currently in the process of installing an AEM EMS (30-1110) into my 1988 supra. I only have two mods at the moment, 550cc injectors and a lexus afm. I was wondering if anyone else is running AEM here and if people share tune files? I have searched and haven't found anything yet. Thanks for...
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    Philly Supra Meet 2013!! Sunday, May 26th

    I'll be there... I guess I'll bring hamburgers and rolls unless anyone has any other suggestions.
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    TLF Performance injectors

    I was looking for 550cc fuel injectors to pair with my lexus Afm and I came across these: Does anybody know if they are good?
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    Philly Supra Meet 2013!! Sunday, May 26th

    Count me in! I'll even bring my Supra if i don't blow it up :)
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    Philly Supra Meet 2011!! Saturday, June 4th

    Is this where the meet is?
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    90 Supra T67 Build

    Looks good. Did you Switch to a dual feed setup? Or is that the return? I am also building a 67 7m with 880cc injectors and am wondering if i should go with dual feed...
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    Help a Supra-guy out PLEASE !

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    2008 Supra MKIII - Project 1BYDFALT

    What kind of mesh is that? and where did you get it?
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    Gauging interest: Supra Meet & 50+ MPH gokart racing

    I am interested but I cant do weekdays before 6pm. Also price would be a factor.