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  • Yes, if any of your intercooler piping has cracks/leaks, it will cause a decrease in boost pressure. Get that fixed, and chances are that you'll have your full 8psi again.
    I assume you're talking about the manual boost controller? If so, I would check all of your intercooler piping, as a sudden drop in boost pressure is likely to be a boost leak. With pressurized air leaking out, chances are you're not building full boost, hence, the drop in pressure on your gauge.

    The most common areas are the coupler between the throttlebody/3000 pipe, and the charge pipe right off the bottom of the turbo, as it gets quite hot down there. Check all your piping just to be sure.
    Thanks man. I appreciate the kind words. I too can't wait to go to the vally and Beach Bend. I guess I will see you soon my friend. Later on man
    Greg SMith
    Ummm... when is the Indi meet?? I'm gunna have it ready for Import Alliance in July, just need to finish up intercooler and exhaust piping and a few nic nacs. Not much
    Faisal, everything I've seen and read about the Shaftmaster's drive shafts makes them sound fantastic. When I get my car road-ready again, I'll be getting a Shaftmaster's drive shaft. :) So yes, it's a nice product for a great price!
    Hey man. Yeah, I'm going all out, sortof. There are others who are deeper into it than me, but their end goals are different. ;) thanks for the compliments!
    wondering how do u know so much about Supras he he,. im going to bet one with two holes, and that will be enough for know , next project will be the HG ,BUT WHICH hg shall i buy , im reading 1.5, 3.0 i dont know , shall i oly get a atanderd one from Hnk?
    It's hit or miss, really. You should be ok, but I can't guarantee it. I ran a BIC ddp, clutchmasters stage III clutch, fidanza lightweight flywheel on a stock headgasket that was retorqued with no issues. Every car is different, though. ;)
    The pics you sent me appear to be BIC's products. (www.bicperformance.com) Either of them is well worth every penny. I personally have the BIC DDP (the one with two holes)

    It makes the car VERY loud at full boost (but he offers them recirculated if you want to keep noise down) It's hands down, the BEST downpipe you can buy for the ct-26, and Randy is GREAT to deal with!
    If I were you, I wouldn't waste my time with a turbo elbow. Just get a good quality downpipe that has an integrated elbow, such as any of BIC's pieces. (the ddp is the best in my opinion)

    Do you still have the stock downpipe on your car?
    Thanks, I love the way your car looks also. I will send you a few pics of a few things I have going on with the car. Gunna be buying all the manifold material soon for the single turbo conversion turbo manifold. Stainless 321SS
    Everything's going well, except that I'm busy like usual! Thanks for asking. :)
    If you plan to install a metal headgasket (MHG), you really need to have the head and block lapped (machined very smooth, as in less than 50ra for a Cometic MHG, lower for an HKS)

    Thickness of the headgasket is determined by how much material is removed from the head and block during the machining process. (add that to the thickness of the stock headgasket, then find the closest match for a MHG).

    If you're doing the head, grab some ARP headstuds, or bolts (whichever you prefer, I prefer studs), and torque them according to what the instructions tell you. :)

    Re-torquing the headgasket usually works well, and many people run 11psi on stock re-torqued headgaskets. (I did it for months), but keep in mind that every car is different in terms of maintenance- what works on someone else's car might not work on yours. ;)
    no , i did no , i realized when the car is full of oil on eh dip sick , i dose that , after cheaking that the best part of the oil to be on half on the dip stick , and it dose not smoke , and there is no sweek smell ,
    on u think i should change the heag gasket? if yes the hnk 1.2 mm is the best thing , ?
    and i should change the bolts, so they can be tightened on 90
    Excellent! Yes, it's a huge difference in power for sure! Have fun! (you should turn it up to around 11psi when you get tired of 8. You'll have that feeling all over again!) You're welcome!
    it worked wow tyou cant belive it chris, i agjusted it to give 8 psi , man what a diffrent ,
    it throws toyr back to the seat, amazing pice what it can do , wow im soo happy ,
    i thank you from my heart and i really app, thanks bro , wow whatr a diffrent ,lol
    No way, you're not paying me! I do this because I enjoy it! :)

    Besides, I've been meaning to draw a diagram for a while, as many people ask how to install the MBC. It only took me a few minutes! :)
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