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    What The F$#K is wrong with the youth these days?

    I would have beat the shit out of those kids. No one needs to be disrespected like that. And for no reason.
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    1987 Toyota supra fixer upper

    Hows this for an offer. I will take the time and gas to pull your supra across the scales. Where every single supra should go. LOL.
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    The little yellow mustache build.

    the oil pressure has always been good during the winter. Its just a little harder to start. But other than that. I no longer have the supra anymore. I have decided to drop the money pit and go Good ol' American Muscle. I traded the piece of crap for a 1996 Pontiac Trans Am WS6 LT1. Nice...
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    Loud, single click and no start.

    This happened i both of my supras. It ended up being the blue wire on the starter having a bad connection.
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    so whos supra still runs and drives

    there is a few things wrong but nothing bad enough to fix right now.
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    SupraRon's Refreshment

    The IAC was clicking. Listen closely between 2:29 and 2:33. Your alternator belt looks a little loose. Other than that awesome.
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    Need some advice...........

    helicoils shouldn't cost $20.00 at the most. A tap should come with them.
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    Whats wrong w/ my engine [Video]

    I would get a timing light and see how your timing is. Sounds like you valves are tap tap tapping a little. should be 10deg btdc. at operating temp and idle. If it was a rod knock you would know it. You'll love a valve adjustment. A lot adding and subtracting.
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    Need some advice...........

    At work if we have a snapped bolt problem and a extractor wont work. We get a rod from the stick welder and weld the rod to it or a separate piece of metal and that usually works for us. If anything drill out the bolt and tap the hole slightly bigger than what it originally was.
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    What's the worst car you've ever owned?

    1992 Mitsubishi Eclipse 1.8L Paid $150.00 cash. Never drove it. Threw the #1cylinder rod the first fire up.
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    so whos supra still runs and drives

    running and driving perfect. Got my a/c compressor today. yay.
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    oil pump drive shaft, broken?

    engine pull would be your best bet. If you need on PM me.
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    Who has the highest Mileaged MK3?

    146000 on the chasis. 200 miles on the rebuilt motor. 1991 supra turbo
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    Random Pics 6: Attack of the .gif (( NWS ))

    My nephew Adam. We didn't put his hand like that. He did it all on his own.
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    Very useful thank you. I will probably end up doing the sandwich plate. or drill and tap at machine shop. No vvti out of a sc300 So the heads are the same?