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    Figgie's build: Project Rodknox

    Good to see you around.
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    How to decrease boost

    Take your foot off of the accelerator pedal.
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    Brian Crower 7M cams and ignition timing issue

    Sure there is. It is under the distributor cap.
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    Old school HKS turbo kit for 7mgte

    As stated, full turbo upgrade, not the sport turbo upgrade. Many companies reproduced items in a similar fashion. A company called Treadstone was making a T4 log like seen in the picture.
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    Lexus/Toyota "Supra"

    World's slowest $400,000 car? Sure, it is a super car by all standards, just the one with the worst bang for the buck, by a country mile.
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    87 supra starting issue

    This is why the internet needs to bring back the down vote, and then shade the user comment so others it is bullshit.
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    Real 7MGTE Oil System Answers

    Good question. How was it measured?
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    Any difference with Japan spec 7mgte vs US/Europe

    The same people promote a front facing intake saying it doesn't change cylinder distribution to number 1.
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    Any difference with Japan spec 7mgte vs US/Europe

    And I put the Society of Automotive Engineers in quotes, on purpose.
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    Any difference with Japan spec 7mgte vs US/Europe

    Of course it does. It introduces inert gas into the air charge. Some time back...not quite but maybe 2 decades and continuing here, the clowns said things like EGR causes knock and head gasket problems. And it was repeated and the explanations ignored. The engines are the same, the tune is not...
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    Any difference with Japan spec 7mgte vs US/Europe

    Since it was brought up here by a distinguished member many times....
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    Stalls during warm up transition

    When cold, the PCM, as its called now, runs the car with more fuel. Cold is hard to light. At operating temps, it should light easy. If you don't light easy, that narrows it down to fueling, spark, or compression.
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    30 mpg

    If it makes you feel any better, I get about 15mpg in the Yukon on the daily commute.
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    30 mpg

    Any other combination than an A340E and the 3.73 axle of the 1989 and newer yields more RPM at steady cruise. The LIPP turbo elbow and HKS 75mm turbo exhaust reduce pumping losses. That car also had a 1UZFE airflow meter, which increases ignition timing with the perceived drop in airflow. Fuel...
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    30 mpg

    The torque converter is a fluid coupling. There is drive train loss with it. The converter has a lock up function to take that away at steady speed. When locked, there is no slippage of the fluid coupling. And over drive in the A340E is .70:1, and the R154 is .75:1, W58 is .78:1.