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    Need Engine Information: Please help!~

    I am wondering what kind of engine this is, it has the front tag removed so I am unable to figure out what kind it is. I would like to get a turbo kit for it if there is one for sale. The year is 1993, I believe either gs300, sc300, toyota 3000, 2jzge. The engine came in a 93 supra body. I am...
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    7mgte Valve cover: Leaking & Loosening

    Hey, I am wondering what people recommend to keep my valve covers tight? I have used new Allen wrench bolts currently, and now they are loose again. I did not use locktite, I am wondering if that is needed. They loosen and leak after about 500miles. Also when replacing the valve cover...
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    AEM V2 Timing issues 7mgte

    Hey, I am wondering if anyone can help me or is familiar with AEM v2 and how it works. I am looking to see how I can change my timing because my car is way off, and it will not start up. My set value for ing timing is -17, that is how it came preloaded on my ECU. I need to change that...
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    Apexi Neo 1991 Supra Turbo

    Thanks, is this ecu for 1991 Turbo supra? I assume its a different engine. I have to follow the Karman option?
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    Apexi Neo 1991 Supra Turbo

    If anyone can help that would be greatly appreciated. I am stuck and having issues with the hookup of the Apexi Neo to the Supra ECU. I am unsure if the ECU that is in my car is the Karmen version, or the "hotwire, flap, pressure Sensor" version. I have recently started the supra with the 550...