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    Anyone have a copy of Translated 1JZ Repair Manual?

    I found the translated flash paper still up on an obscure site, so pm me if you guys need it. Ill see what the hosting costs are as these resources need to be up for people. Id like to merge all the swap info pdfs, images and stuff from clublexus so people can get at it easy and download so they...
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    The world is freed from one communist

    Holy crap, there are alot more shades of grey then your wanting to see my friend. If your wanting to know what is wrong with most governments, id look far past the type of ideology they follow and look at who is paying the great many political puppets large sums of cash to push forward their...
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    $10,000 TO SPEND on a 91 MKIII

    Well I am going to start making some popcorn! :D
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    Is it worth it

    Ask for the compression test numbers, if he says no, tell him to eat poop.
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    1JZ code 25 *fun* need advice

    Absolutely, im just saying the code does not persist after you turn off the ignition and start the engine again, like some codes. It needs its trigger conditions met, even though whats causing them at this point are very likely false. I really suspect wiring, but ill keep digging here. AEM...
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    1JZ code 25 *fun* need advice

    VF readings originally looked fine, I will check again but I didn't see anything out of the ordinary at the diagnostic plug. The code goes away with the key off, but once you start driving again, it triggers again at its trigger point, not when you start the engine again. The stock fuel dampener...
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    1JZ code 25 *fun* need advice

    Its not the ECU!!! Condition persists with a known confirmed good manual one, interestingly your car will still drive with a manual ecu, no TC lockup though. Spoke with Aaron again and we figure bad harness work. He has never had a car get a code 25, even when it was running lean, air leaks...
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    runs froms autocross today

    Nice dude!!!
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    1JZ code 25 *fun* need advice

    Spoke with Aaron at DM and he thinks bad ECU, borrowing a friends manual one, I'll see how that goes. Any other ideas people? Thanks.
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    1JZ code 25 *fun* need advice

    ok exhaust gas analyser reads idle AFRs at 15.0 and revving up to 2500 rpm in the high 13s. This was done at a stand still and not driving/under load. So a touch leaner at idle but richening as expected as boost comes on. Checked my map sensor connection, wires and line, no change. Do i by...
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    2JZGE MKIII with 7MGTE Wiring and Electronics

    We will, after you visit grammar school. :D
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    1JZ code 25 *fun* need advice

    Alright, confirmed, OX at the ecu has continuity to the OX1 pin at the diagnostic plug and gets typical voltage with fluctuation as expected. Time for an exhaust gas analyzer, could i be looking at a bad ecu maybe? The TSRM kinda points this way once you have checked all of the above. Oxygen...
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    1JZ code 25 *fun* need advice

    Don't have a vacumn pump, ill look up what that is, would a bad stock FPR be to blame? you can hear it make noise, fuel rushing sound, sounds kinda like the heater valve. Car had some pretty bad break up issues from 2600-3000 rpm, cleaned up a decent bit when I regapped my plugs down to 0.028...
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    sbc in a MK3...

    I really dont understand putting 350s in supras, it kind of defeats the purpose of even going with a jap chassis, at the very minimum go with a LS1 or up. (because the supra is toyota's corvette and all "crowd drama noise") Being from the late 80's, these engines are not rocket science and thus...
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    1JZ code 25 *fun* need advice

    Don't everybody respond at once......crickets in here.